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Huay Kaew Arboretum Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huay Kaew Arboretum is located beside Chaing Mai Zoo which is the place where various species of trees are gathered. Huay Kaew Arboretum is founded in 1913 as a testing area for growing cutch trees. During WWII, Japan army camped here and cut many cutch trees. After the war, the Royal Forest Department replaced them with other trees and turned it into botanical garden. However, it was then turned into arboretum in 1953 because size is too small.

This arboretum possesses both trees which were grown since the old times and those newly-grown, including those naturally-grown. According to a survey in 2010, there are more than 250 species, 55 families and 159 genus of trees. The family with the most genus is LEGUMINOSAE, which has 24 genus and 40 species. The Shorea roxburghii is the major species and the outstanding species are Dipterocarpus alatus and Shorea roxburghii. However, the most outstanding species is Dipterocarpus, an dominant tree with a height of 30 – 40 meter and circumference of 150-250 centimes, which can be found all over the area.

The arboretum features 8 styles of gardens as Provincial tree, legendary Buddhist plant, literary plant, royal plant, multi-purpose plant, auspicious plant, scented plant and herb garden. This place is not just an arboretum but it is also a great resource for botany study and park where people come to relax, walk and get some fresh air.

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