iSiam Massage & Guest House in Chiang Mai , Thailand

iSiam Massage & Guest House in Chiang Mai is provides authentic Thai massage which make you feel relax as if you are in your own house. iSiam would like to invite you to experience various styles of massage and spa for example: –

  • Oil massage: This massage applies extracted oil from pure nature essentials such as jojoba and almond. With the pleasant natural fragrance, you will feel refresh and relax. This specific fragrance is also used in curing insomnia, stress and depression. Moreover, the pure extracted oil helps nourish the skin, tighten the shape to avoid flabby skin and disintegrate the fat in the body. The oil heat from massage will penetrate to the skin layer and muscles which make you feel comfortable.
  • Compress massage: Thai herbal compress massage helps relieve pains, aches, swelling muscle, sinew and joint sore and backache for 24-48 hours. It also helps alleviate the muscle tense so the muscular tissue can expand, decreases the joint acampsia and increases the blood circular system function.
  • Scrub massage: This massage style will wipe out the dead cells and waste. Therefore, the skin will be tender white-clean and bright. With the power of micro scrub which is rich in fruit extract, it will give the flexibility to the skin, prevent free radical and brighten up the skin. This massage is recommended to normal skin and dry skin types. You skin will be smoother if you have this massage regularly.
  • Back and Shoulders Massage: Those who have to sit and work for long period of time tend to have pains and aches at their backs and shoulders. This massage helps stimulate the blood circulation, relax the muscle and ease the back and shoulders where it is in pain.
  • Thai style massage: The real Thai traditional massage improves both physical and mental conditions. It will result in better blood circulation, relaxing weary muscle, curing the body pain, releasing stress, healing sprain and becoming energetic and relaxed.
  • Foot massage: This massage helps improve the body balance and the circulation system in many organs. Since it stimulates the waste release from the cell and improve the body balance condition, the overall health state will be better.
  • Therapeutic massage: For those who have osteopathy pressed on the nerve and herniated nucleus populous (the condition of the bone pressed over the nerve), this massage helps release the muscle which presses on the nerve. It is recommended for those who have backache, pain at the waist and feel senseless to the toes, pain at the hip, pain at the legs and arms nerves, weary legs causing to less walk or unable to walk as normal, migraine, collarbone displacement and ankle sprain.

iSiam Massage & Guest House opens every day from 10.00 – 23.00. For more information, please contact 081-931-5306.

How to get there:

  • A 10-minute drive from Chiang Mai International Airport and Airport Plaza Shopping Mall

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