Koh Sichang Island in Chonburi, Thailand

The Si Chang Islands are in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand. Distance from the coast of Si Racha District, Chonburi Province to the west is 12 km. The other 8 large and small islands are Koh Yai Thao, Koh Khang, Koh Ta Ta Muen, Koh Kham Yai, Kham Noi, Sampa Yuay, Koh Prong. With a total area of ​​25.61 square kilometers, communities have settled for over a hundred years. Aside from the scenery historical landmark and beautiful objects and shrines, there are also harbors, schools, hospitals, vacation homes, and government agencies. South of Ko Sichang Bat Island and Ta Ta Muen Island are important places for studying coral reef ecology in the Gulf of Thailand.

Being in the estuary of Koh Sichang is like a gateway – into the Gulf of Thailand and the Pacific Ocean. When he was still using the main waterway It is also a resting point for navigating the monsoon In the past, there were 3 monarchs, Rama 4, 5 and 6 who traveled to this island. In the reign of King Rama 5, he ordered the establishment of a royal palace on the island to be Summer residence and the royal name is “Phra Jutuchutharat” according to the name of the born son On this island of Sichang.

During you stay on the island, you can use skylabs or 3 wheelers to visit around or there are 2 rows of cars, motorbikes. For Rental bicycles, Skylab if you hire them to take 4 trips in a day The price is 250 baht per group. (The car should have seating at 4-5 people). There are 4 points of the Khao Yai Shrine. Jutuchat, Rajamangala Cave Cave (if remember the name is not wrong) and the hellfire pass. If you want to go to other places more than this, you can talk to a bargain. Which the driver will not be with us all the time He sent it and then went somewhere else. When we finished watching each location, they called him to pick up at the next location.
If only going to the palace from the pier The price should be around 60-80 baht.


Koh Sichang is on the sea navigation route. Near the mouth of the Chao Phraya River Suitable as a harbor due to the high mountains Able to block wind waves well Until today Koh Sichang is also an important cargo handling area. Koh Sichang is known as a place with fresh air. And not far from the capital During the reign of King Rama V, Westerners preferred to stay at Ko Sichang. Therefore there is a residential building for rent. Later in the year 2431 Rama 5 granted His Majesty’s private property. To build a 3-patient bed called “Atsai Sathan” to set up the royal heart that will allow the general public to use And called by the name of the boss who donated money to buy furniture and appliances, including Ratchathewi (Grandmother of Rama VIII and 9th), Phra Vorachatewi (Mother of Rama VI and 7) and Phra Akha Chaya (Here will give more details again) is the origin of the names “Wattana Building” “Phongsri Building” and “Aphirom Building” by Aiyaiya. Completed and opened in the year 1889.

In addition, His Highness graciously granted Her Royal Highness Prince Maha Vajiravudh (Rama VI, later) came to reside in Si Sichang. His condition has improved a lot. And shortly thereafter Other princes His Majesty had already arrived and was better. In this case, there are 2 persons that are very closely related to Phra Jutha Rajabhat. Prince Atsadang Dechawut (Same brother of King Rama 6) who has been living for several months (Especially during the year 1891) makes many place names That has a relationship with His Majesty As for the name Jutujutarat, the name comes from the name of King Son of Greece. Prince Jutha Thuttharadilok (The same mother’s brother, Rama 6 and Prince Ashtak), which was born in Koh Sichang in the year 2435 and because during the year 1891, King Rama V was staying at Ko Si Chang for a long time to take care of His Majesty. Prince Atsadang Dechawut Therefore not allowing the general public to stay temporarily, and later in the year 2435, before Prince Jutuchut was born Have a royal initiative to build a royal palace on the island as a residence in the summer Therefore causing from that time onwards Guests are therefore unable to stay permanently at the facility.

In the year 1893, Thailand had a dispute with France (incident Prof. 112) causing Rama 5 and other princes. Did not convert the palace to Koh Sichang until the year 2437, although it was But it was not built to add the palace until the year 2400 B.E. that had traveled to Koh Sichang and saw the unfinished Manat Rattanarot Throne Hall. Therefore To demolish the royal throne and the wooden palaces Build it somewhere else By dismantling the Throne Hall To build the Vimanmek Mansion Dusit Palace area.

Since then, Jutha Thujarat was abandoned. In the year 1932, a survey was made by the Bureau of the Royal Household. Found that there are not much buildings left, such as Wattana Building, Phongsri Building, Aphirom Building, Bridges and Waterfront The royal palace or other palaces Did not appear in the list until 1978, Chulalongkorn University was granted the right to use the land on the island of 224 rai from the Treasury Department To proceed with the construction of the marine science research station And assigned to take care of Phra Jutha Tocharat Therefore, there has been restoration of this area and the remaining 5 buildings in collaboration with the Department of Fine Arts since 1990. Currently, the research station area Under the supervision of the Water Resources Research Institute And the area in the royal court (approximately 219 rai) is under the supervision of the Office of Art and Culture Administration Chulalongkorn University

How to get there:

By Boat crossing: The boat that will cross to Koh Sichang. Will leave every hour The boat leaves Sriracha side. The first trip is around 7:00 am, the last trip is around 8:00 pm for the boat departing from Koh Si Chang, the first trip is around 6.00 hrs. and last trip is around 7:00 pm. Some times, the boat may be out but not at the same time. The boat trip costs 50 baht. The boat has 2 decks. Sitting on the upper floor is better than below. The bottom will be a little bit hot. Some boats will drop off at Ko Kham Yai for a little while. Before making a gesture at Koh Sichang.

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