Kok River in Chiangrai , Thailand

The Kok River is the main river of Chiangrai province. The river originates from the top of mountain in Burma coming in at the Thai border town of Thaton. It passes through Chiangrai province and flows to the Mae Kong River at Sop Kok Village in Chiang Saen district covering the area of 130 kilometers. This river is significant to Lanna culture since there has been cities found locating along the river. The name, Kok, might have come from the reed trees (Ton Kok) growing along the riverside. Nowadays, the Kok River offers an amazing view: the ultimate place for relaxing.

The highlight when visiting the Kok River is the boat trip along the river to admire the beautiful view from both sides. Starting from Mae Fah Luang Bridge Port in the city to Karen Village; the village has become a touristic location. One of the activities is to ride on an elephants and learn more about hill tribes’ daily life such as E Kor tribe, Lee Sor tribe, La Hu tribe, and Hmong tribe; there are also cultural performances from each hill tribe. Homestay and souvenir shops are available. If you come in group, you should book in advance at least 3 days at Mae Yao District Administration Organization. Tel. 05-373-7359-11 .The elephant ride’s fee depends on the distance. Boat fee is 900-1,000 baht for one chartered boat offering 8 seats. The trip takes about 1 hour ride.

Other activities include boat rafting for those who like the adventures and kayaking freely along the river stream. Another highlight is mineral water–hot spring bath. Along the Kok River, there are so many bath services available such as Huay Mak Liam Hot Spa, Pong Phra Bat Hot Spring and Pa Sert Hot Spring which is near Karen Village. The Kok River is then perfect for visiting as it offers fun, exciting and adventurous boat trips, beautiful sightseeing along the river, cultural visit at each marvelous hill tribe and a great and healthy natural hot spring bath.

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