Northern Aquarium in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Northern Aquarium exhibits various kinds of fish from Northern and other regions of Thailand. Moreover, newly discovered fish or some unknown fish in scientific field are shown only here such as fire bar danio, dwarf loach, ambastaia nigrolineata, chiangmai stream goby, and maejo hillstream loach. Here is therefore the knowledge source for fish lovers.

The logo of Northern Aquarium implies a profound meaning related to sea, nature, and fish are as:

  • The fish emerging from the water represents fish and other aquatic animals welcoming the visitors.
  • The fish is from the letter N and A which are the abbreviations of the Aquarium. The letter N is hidden from the gill to the tip of the upper mouth and the letter A starts from the corner of the mouth to the wave with a connection of the end of the letter N and the beginning of the letter A.
  • Considering about the three waves surging continuously to the seashore, all fishermen know that the third wave is the biggest one. This is similar to the aphorism that the later wave is stronger than the earlier wave which implies that the development has to continue gloriously.
  • The title “NORTHEN AQUARIUM” is located below to be the international name.
  • The background is blue, implying the color of water which is the habitation of aquatic animals.
  • The blue color of the fish, waves, and the letters means the eternal beauty.
  • The oval shape of the logo implies the comfort.

The logo of the aquarium was designed in harmony with the theme of the Aquarium. This is a true paradise for fish and underwater lovers.

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