Phu Chi Fa Forest Park in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park is located in the area of National Reserved Forest, between the right side of Mae Ing forest and Mae Ngao forest in Po sub-district, Wiang Kaen district, Chiang Rai province. This place was once the battlefield between thai soldiers and the communists. Later, this place was discovered after the civil war ended and its picturesque beauty was told from generation to generation since then. The forest park is 1,200-1,628 meter high from sea level with a high cliff jutting out into to the area of Laos. It is the highest point of Doi Pha Mon range which is one of the most stunning scenic point. The weather on Phu Chi Fa is cold around 20 degree Celsius and has 3 seasons (summer, rain, winter) influenced by the tropical monsoon. People usually visit here in the winter in order to enjoy cold weather, white butterfly tree in blossom and especially to catch a glimpse of the “sea of mist”, the view of the fog-surrounded hills. Tent camping is also allowed here.

How to get there:

Phu Chi Fa is 144 km from Chiang Rai province. There are two ways:

  • Go to Amphoe Tueang district passing Phu Sang Witthayakom School 3-way intersection, Ban Sob Bong and Bang Muang Chum 3-way intersection.
  • Take Highway 1093 passing Phu Sang Waterfall, Dan Ban Huak. This road is 104 km of asphalt and 40 km of gravel. You will pass three important tourist attractions, i.e. Phu Sang Waterfall (Phu Sang National Park), Dan Ban Huak, a Thai-Laos border village and Doi Pha Mon Highland Agricultural Extension Center.

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