Phutha Oen Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Phutha Oen Buddhist temple is another admirable attraction in Mae Chaem district, travelers usually drop by during their journey to ladder rice fields. What’s special about this temple is not about age, as it was built during this Rattanakosin era, but the ordination hall that sits in a pon and Buddha En Spring, a freshwater source that emerges from the ground and never dry so that locals consider as holy water. Noted that, according to Lanna belief, women are not permitted inside the ordination hall.

Inside and around temple

The water chapel, or “water temple” at Phutha Oen is the only remaining water chapel in Thailand. This was registered with the Fine Arts Department and temple looks like it was built in a square pond by placing a post in the water, surrounded by a laterite wall. The area around the church to the wall is called “Hydro Sima”, meaning as “Khan Simima”. The eaves are shaped in four sides of the Naga. In the past, the principle of ordination in a church in the middle of the water was considered to be the most holy monk which is a belief in the Ceylon family Currently, this ordination has been canceled.

Saksit pond located at the entrance to the Buddhist temple and looks like a pond with cool water out of the ground. Mae Chaem people are considered holy water. Often come to support drinking water to drink at home The water from this well was flowing into the pond of the chapel. Make water throughout the year. There is a legend about this Buddhist pond that In the modern era The Lord Buddha went past the animals and stopped at Donsakan. Which is located to the east of the current Buddhist temple Spoke to Ananda Laymen for water to come to eat When finished, spit out his mouth at the current pond. This pond has the appearance of water rising out of the ground. And flow continuously, regardless of the country drought Later, there were two monks, Phra Tiwit Wang So And Phra Chomphuwittayo hike past, then collaborated with the local people to build temples where water flows out.

How to get there:

By Car:

  • From downtown Chiang Mai, run along Chiang Mai-Hot Road (Road 108) to go to Chom Thong District or Doi Inthanon, passing Hang Dong District and San Pa Tong District. Enter Chom Thong District, approximately 56 kilometers before reaching Phra That Si Chom Thong. There will be a junction leading up to Doi Inthanon. The route will lead to Route 1009 heading straight up to Doi Inthanon. Pass the checkpoint of the National Park No. 1 (tell at the checkpoint that you will go to Mae Chaem) Ban Mae Klang Luang Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon And the Doi Inthanon National Park Office From there, you will enter the National Park Checkpoint 2 from the bottom. To this point, the distance is 38 kilometers.
  • When passing the National Park Checkpoint 2, there is a left turn to go to Mae Chaem District. Notice the sign to Thep Phanom Hot Springs. From this point going up and down the steep hill and there are many sharp curves. The driver should laugh at driving. Until reaching the Mae Chaem district From this point, the total distance is 23 kilometers. The drive takes about 40 minutes – 1 hour.
  • Or another route after Chom Thong District, arrive at Hot District After about 4.5 kilometers past the Ob Luang National Park office sign, there will be a left turn onto Highway 1088, go straight for another 46 kilometers, then will enter Mae Chaem District as well.
  • From Mae Chaem District Office The market side has a bridge over the Mae Chaem river. Cross the bridge, turn right and go straight for 3 kilometers to the north, to Phutthain Temple.

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