Place to visit in Chaiprakan Town, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chaiprakan (ไชยปราการ) is a district (or amphoe in Thai) in Chiang Mai, located approximately 128 kilometers away from Mueang district. Its general topography is essentially staggered hills and pediment plains because it is embraced by mountains from 3 directions, namely South, East and West of the area. Major population claims farming as their main occupation.

There are numerous tourist sites in Chaiprakan district including both natural and cultural attractions such as:

  1. Doi Wiang Pha National Park – It covers the area of Mae Fang National Conserved Forest and the left side of Mae Lao National Conserved Forest. The geographical features consist of staggered high hills and mountains; among these Doi Wiang Pha is the highest one.
  2. Mae Talob Luang Reservoir – Visitors can find cruising services and several restaurants serving fish menus.
  3. The Watershed Management Unit of Huai Sun (Phu Saen Dao) – There are accommodations and camping ground offered at the elevation of 1,000 meters.
  4. Wat Phrachao Phrom Maharaj (Wat Pa-mai Dang) – It is regarded as Chai Prakan’s most significant temple as it enshrines the city pillar, the statue of Phrachao Phrom Maharaj and Phra Buddha Mahamongkol.
  5. Wat Tham Taptao – The temple can be separated into 2 sections, namely Tham Jaeng [light cave] which houses ancient Buddha images, and Tham Meut [dark cave] contains the foundation of pagodas.
  6. Kad Muang Phee – It is a natural phenomenon that created the eerie-looking stone pillars.
  7. Nam Sao Ruu [Northern dialect: Twenty holes of water] – Nam Sao Ruu is the name referred to the mysterious channels of ground water leaking through 20 holes. It becomes a massive watercourse which sustains lives of Chaiprakan people.
  8. Tam Phi Man – There was the significant discovery of settlement and ancient civilization in this area. Such archeological evidence includes 1,000 to 2,000 year-old coffins.
  9. Emerald Pool – This natural pond contains freshwater that has beautiful clear turquoise color just like seawater.
  10. Paa Phan Pii [meaning: Thousand years old forest] – The old-growth forest with a great diversity of plant species.
  11. Baan Suan Go Lak – The one and only date palm orchard in Thailand.
  12. The Republic of China Army’s Kuomintang, the 93rd Division (Tham Ngob)
  13. Handicrafts and Clay Pottery Village – It is located in Moo 12, Ban Sansai, Si Dongyen subdistrict, Chiang Mai province.
  14. Pha Dang – This learning center does not only provide knowledge regarding sustainable development and sufficient economy, but is also surrounded by beautiful landscape. The comfortable temperature there makes growing cold-climate plants and tulips possible.

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