Tham Tap Tao Temple in Chaing Mai, Thailand

Tham Tap Tao Temple or Tubtao Cave is located in Chai Prakan Sub-district along the Chiang Mai-Fang route between Km.120 and Km.121, Tham Tap Tao Temple is a buddhist temple with outstanding character setting a cave. The highlight is scripture hall located in the middle of a pond inside the cave where several unique Buddha images are enshrined.

Tubtao Cave temple is a cave that is located inside of Tham Tap Tao Temple Is an ecotourism attraction and is considered a sacred place of worship of Chaiyaprakarn community that is hundreds of years old. The origin of the name ” Liver Liver Cave ” is an event in which villagers help each other “quench the ash”. The northern language pronounced “quench the breast” ashes after the forest fire. Then called each other until it became crazy, “liver stove” until now. Hearsay of Abbot of Tham Tombao Temple Found a structure that appears inside the cave is a large reclining Buddha statue. Created with the Ayutthaya art style. You have assumed that it should be built by Somdej Thotcar When the troops came to attack Burma in the year 1592, separated into two armies. To join the royal army of King Naresuan the Great That has moved to Chiang Dao and set up a royal camp to rest there before his death at a later time.

Livertao Cave is divided into 2 caves, namely Chaeng Cave and Dark

1. Chaeng Cave is bright as the name suggests. Regarded as a cave to reduce global warming Able to visit without using energy-saving lights With natural light spreading from the ceiling of the cave Inside the cave there is a large reclining Buddha image. This large reclining Buddha lay with his hands as though he were listening to the Lord Buddha’s prayers. From the assumption of the abbot above Makes him realize that this reclining Buddha statue was built by Somdej Thotcar For the prosperity of the battle And to encourage the people But then the battle must end. When Somdej Somdej His Highness is aware of the news of the death of the royal army leaders. King Naresuan the Great.

2. Dark cave from the story that tells Arahant Nirvana at this cave. Therefore brought the bones Or ash to build a pagoda called “Nim Chedi” within the dark cave as the name suggests. Or a bright flashlight in Inside the cave there is a winding path. Some sections are straits The cave is quite deep. It takes approximately 1 hour to see. At the end of the cave there are Buddha images. And the pagoda for visitors to pay obeisance For prosperity

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