The Lanna Traditional House Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Lanna Traditional House Museum is located on Huay Kaew Road, along the Irrigation Canal Road, near Ton Payom market intersection. It is a part of the Center for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, Chiang Mai University. This museum is the collection of traditional Lanna houses, received both from donation and purchase. The museum consists of 8 houses; Heuan Tai-Lue (Mon Tood) is a medium –sized wooden house which has two compartments with a broad veranda at the front. The East compartment serves as the area for sleeping while the West serves as the kitchen. Connected the two compartments is a gutter called “Hong Lin.” The roof is shaked. Heuan Lung Que is a house influenced by the western architectural style or colonial style which was built in 1922.

Heuan Kalae (Oui Paad) has an outstanding feature which is a notable decorative lintel called “Hum Yon,” above the door of the sleeping area, serving as an amulet to protect people from the harm outside.
Heuan Oui Kaew is a Lanna folk style house which was built during the World War II period by the people who lived near the moated City of Chiang Mai. The structural and usage layout of the house was inherited from the Lanna folk style with slight adaptations of partition, door and window layouts.

Heuan Kalae (Phaya Wong) is elevated from the ground with gable roofs. Its distinct feature is “Kalae”, two pieces of wood carving extending from the top of the gables, which is a mark of good luck.
Heuan Chiang Mai Townsfolk (Phaya Pong Lang Ka) is a medium –sized wooden house with two compartments, each with its own roof and gables, overlapping the other. Heuan Pan Ya (Anusarn Sunthorn) is a two-storey, large-sized rice granary. The roof is covered with earthenware called “Din Koh”, perfectly overlapping as Pan Ya style.

Moreover, The Lanna Traditional House Museum also conducts the demonstrations of beautiful local handicrafts that have long been valued such as dyeing fabric with natural dyes, back-strap hand-weaving, silvery making, perforating cloth and mulberry paper making.

The Lanna Traditional House Museum opens Monday to Friday from 8.30 am. – 4.30 pm. Free entrance. For more information, contact 053943625 or visit the website

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