Wiang Kalong Village in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Wiang Kalong is Cultural village, Buddhist land, Thinkakhao and civilized people” is the slogan of the Dharma practice community, ancient city and learning community center called “Wiang Kalong”. Wiang Kalong located on Doi Dong Mountain in Doi Luang Mountain in Ban Pasan district, Moo 5, Hua Fai sub-district, Wiang Papao district in Chiangrai province is an important cultural touristic place. It is still unknown when this ancient community has been constructed because there are not any evidences or records revealing the specific period. The history of this village is then told only through ancient objects found in this place.

As for the layout of this ancient city, when entering the arched doorway, you will see signs pointing to many locations in the city including learning-center temple and ancient kilns. Visitors can walk around and follow the wall experiencing a beautiful view, worshipping the sacred places and living in the antique atmosphere of the past. Besides this peaceful Wiang Kalong, another highlight is the ancient kilns using in creating an outstanding and high-quality pottery. In each pottery, there are various delicate patterns including animal designs such as crow pattern and kylin pattern, and floral designs such as Kankhot pattern and Kakhu pattern. The crow pattern is considered the main pattern of the city created by mixing petals and leaf design together to form the crow pattern; this is why this pattern is called the crow pattern or Kalong flower pattern.

Wiang Kalong is another perfect place for relaxing where you can learn more about the history, lifestyle and Dharma lesson in midst of this intriguing and peaceful place.

How to get there:

To visit, from the Chiangmai city, take the highway 1019 about 80 kilometers and then turn right (if you drive from Chiangrai, turn left) following Maejakarn -Wang Nua- Lumpang/Phayao about 3.5 kilometers. Wiang Kalong is then on your left with 1 kilometer entrance.

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