Wiang Kum Kam in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wiang Kum Kam is an ancient city aged over 727 years old. At present it is home to historic sites. Wiang Kum Kam is situated in the southeastern of Chiang Mai, i.e. between KM 3 – 4 on Chiang Mai – Lamphun Road which is in Tha Wang Tarn subdistruct, Saraphi district, Chiang Mai province. The city is located on the east bank of Mae Ping River. To get there, go straight from Nong Hoi security kiosk until you reach the intersection near Pa Kluay street isle. Keep going until you find Chedi Liem.

The history of Wiang Kum Kam dates back to the establishment of the city during the reign of King Mengrai in 1286. He also commanded the construction of moats on 4 main directions of the city in order to let Mae Ping River flow in. Archeological exploration shows more than 20 historic sites built between the 21st – 22nd Buddhist Century lying underneath Wiang Kum Kam and surrounding areas. Some of these ruins were monasteries with a trace of Buddhist monks.

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