Bo Kaeo Botanic Research Station, Chiang Mai, Thailand

For anyone who wants to travel and relax this one will be one of your choose that full of nature and still abundant. This place is call Bo Kaew Planting Experiment Station or Bo Kaeo Botanic Research Station (Bo Kaeo Pine Park). It is another tourist attraction that anyone can visit in Chiang Mai. Bo Kaeo Botanic Research Station (Bo Kaeo Pine Park) located at Hot-Mae Sariang Road on km 36. Bo Kaeo Botanic Research Station is spread over 828 acres of pine and eucalyptus plantation for research purpose. At 1,100 meters above sea level, the climate here is cool and moist throughout the year. This break taking viewpoint is a lovable stopover.

Bo Kaew plant growing experiment station is one of the raw materials surveying project for pulp making by the Royal Forest Department Making. The reason why this floor is full of pine trees and many eucalyptus with the highest average temperature is 27.3 degrees Celsius and the lowest average temperature is 16.8 degrees Celsius then make it a very beautiful area. Especially in that winter this place will be crowded with both Thai and foreign tourists who come to experience the beautiful Ti-won atmosphere along with the faint fog.

How to get there:

  • For traveling to Bo Kaew Planting Experiment Station. You can use the Chiang Mai – Mae Sariang road route or the 108 road and go to Hod district by going through Ob Luang National Park. At the clock tower circle, turn left then go straight to Mae Sariang district for approximately 30 kilometers to Suan Son Bo Kaeo. This place will be on the left hand side.

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