Boa Keaw Silvicultural Research Station (Boa Keaw Pine Park), Chiang Mai

Boa Keaw Silvicultural Research Station or Boa Keaw Pine Park is located on Sai Hod-Mae Sa Riang road at km. 36-37 in Hod District. Its area is 2,072 rais. This Station is a part of the material survey project for making pulps under Department of Forestry. There are a lot of pines and eucalyptus demonstration garden. The pines were planted orderly like many scenes in romantic movies. Apart from the splendid scenes, the air here is damp and cold all the year. The highest average temperature is 27.3 Celsius and the lowest is 16.8 Celsius. Therefore, visitors come here to relax and take photos with the atmosphere.

Apart from pulp making, this Station experiments various kinds of mountain pines that Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation imported from foreign countries such as Australia, South Africa, and Taiwan to find the appropriate type for planting on deteriorated forest on high mountains in the northern region of Thailand. The planted pines are over 39 years old and most of them are kesiya pines which grow 500 meters above the sea level.

For visitors who are interested in visiting and appreciating this romantic scene, 2 ways of transportation are available: by private cars and public transportation. For private cars, drive along Chiang mai-Mae Sa Riang or 108 route to Hod District and pass Aob Luang National Park. Turn left at the clock tower roundabout to Mae Sa Riang. The Station is at the km. 30 on the left side. The public transportation available are Chiang Mai-Mae Sa Riang-Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai-Om Goi (minibus), Chiang Mai-Mae Sa Riang bus. Then take a bus from Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal to the Station.

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