Doi Mod Mountain in Chiang Rai

Doi Mod is a must-visit place for those who interested in hiking or want to absorb the atmosphere of the nature. This mountain is located in Khun Chae National Park, Tumbol Chedi Mai, Amphoe Vieng Pha Pao, Chiang Rai. You can see the density of plant growth along the road to the top of this mountain such as ground orchid and fern. This mountain is at the height of 1,700meters and surrounded by green forest. Trekking is a walking distance of 2 days and a night. Doi Mod is a beautiful place with a spectacular view of nature.

Though it was assumed that this mountain is named after its size (Mod is literally means ‘Ant’ in Thai) or there are plenty of ants there, but it is actually was once called ‘Doi Mhod’ which later discordant called ‘Doi Mod’. The reason the local people once called it ‘Doi Mhod’ is that the top of this mountain can’t growth any trees due to its wind speed. Doi Mod has a major impact for local people’s way of life around the mountain’s foothills since it’s a water source of Lang River, Chedi River, Mae Wong River and Mae Khod Tributary which play the main role in agriculture. Doi Mod is a steep mountain and can be seen from other mountain with the height of 1,800 meters.

How to get there:

This mountain is located in Khun Chae National Park near the highway number 118. It is convenient to get there either by a bus or a private car. It’s only the distance of 62 kilometers from Chiang Mai Bus Terminal.

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