Doi Mon Chong in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Doi Mon Chong (or Mon Chong Hill) is located in Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary, Tambon Omkoi, Chiangmai. The natural site covers the area of Amphoe Omkoi and Amphoe Sam Ngao, Tak. The word ‘Mon’ is a dialect meaning Doi or hill. The word ‘Chong’, also a dialect, means the highest gable. Doi Mon Chong is one of the top 10 highest peaks in the world. Its top, called Hua Sing (or Lion’s head due to its similar look to a lion) is 1,929 meters above sea level. In the old times, Doi Mon Chong used to be a habitat of wildlife that lived freely, such as Kwangpha (Long-tailed Goral), Deva horse, Serow, and wild elephants. These animals are however rarely found nowadays. The interesting activity that draws many visitors here is to appreciate the complexity of the mountain ranges, on which the meadow will turn golden in winter. Moreover, Doi Mon Chong is a perfect sunrise and sunset view point as well.

Additionally, the eminent feature of Doi Mon Chong is Thailand’s largest Azelia flowers or Kularb Paan Pee , which blossoms only during Dec-Jan. You can also enjoy rare bird watching here, such as northern goshawk, bonelli’s eagle, booted eagle, White-bellied Pigeon, Rufous-throated Fulvetta, and Black-throated Thrush, etc. Doi Mon Chong is open for tourists only from 1 Nov- 15 Feb. After the period, visitors are not allowed, because wild elephant will be roaming around freely hunting for food. For the other reason, the authority fears of the possibility of forest fire caused by the air aridity. Touring around Doi Mon Chong can be done in 1 day. However, in order not to get too exhausted, 2 days and 1 night is about the appropriate time. Before the visit, advance permission from Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary is required at Musur Unit, where Wildlife Sanctuary Office is located. Doi Mon Chong is open everyday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

As for transportation to Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary (Musur Unit), take Highway no. 1088. Turn left from Amphoe Hot to enter Highway no.1099. Drive all the way until it reaches Amphoe Omkoi. Around 40 kilometers from Omkoi, you will see Musur Unit on the left. It takes around 16 kilometers on the unpaved windy cliff roads from the unit to the trailhead. A 4 wheels vehicle and a skillful driver are therefore necessary for this trip. The bus from Chiang Mai town leaves around 8 a.m. at Chang Pueak Gate, driving passengers to Amphoe Omkoi.

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