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JJ Market Chiang Mai in Chiang Mai, Thailand

JJ Market Chiang Mai is a shopping center located on Atsadathon Road, Amphoe Mueng, Chiang Mai Province, or one kilometre from the circle in Chiang Mai city. It occupies an area of more than 40 Rai, which includes Jing Jai Market as a part of the JJ Market.

JJ Market Chiang Mai is an open-air attraction for shopping lovers similar to Jatujak Market or Siam Square in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The shopping centre consists of over 500 shops. A part of the centre is the market zone where tourists can shop for a variety of goods from morning to evening. On early Wednesday and Saturday mornings, first-hand vendors will bring their organic fruits and vegetables to sell at low prices.

At eight o’clock, the morning market will fade out as the shops start to open. There are a wide range of shops such as shops from the royal projects and the royal initiatives, handmade shops, boutiques, jewellery shops, restaurants, cafes, antique shops, collectors’ shops, painting shops, etc. In addition, there is an area for art exhibition where tourists may as well purchase some of their favourite pieces.

During the day, the area of Jing Jai market is lively with numerous restaurants and shops opening for tourists. At night, JJ Market Chiang Mai becomes a centre of entertainment where numerous restaurants and pubs come to life, each and every one warmly attended with Thai and foreign tourists including Chiang Mai’s night-goers. Interested visitors can call 0 5323 1520-5 (9am – 6pm) for more details.

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