Lan Thong Mekong Basin Cultural Park in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Lan Thong Mekong Basin Cultural Park is the show of cultures and folk wisdom from the six Mekong Region countries – Thailand, Laos, Southern China, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. The symbol of the park is 3-ton weight and 5m diameter gong of victory which is the largest gong of victory in the world. It is a contemporary sculpture. The image of 12 animals in Chinese zodiac is engraved on the gong. You can also find a bronze Chinese guardian lions on 4 directions which represent the friendship between 4 countries: China, Myanmar, Thai and Laos. The bronze Chinese guardian lions are also the symbol of the protection of cultural heritage. Thai guardian lion is a mixture between arts of Lanna era and Chiang Saen era. Its base imitates the form of Yak Wat Pho, Yak Wat Chaeng, Chaophraya River and stupa in the Temple of Dawn. Chinese guardian lion imitates the form of Chinese guardian lion in front of a palace in Peking, China.

Its base imitates the form of many places in China such as Stone Forest in Kunming, Great Wall of China. Myanmar guardian lion of which form imitates the guardian lion in front of the entrance of Shwedagon Pagoda and you can find the form of Shwedagon Pagoda at the base of the guardian lion. Lao guardian lion imitates the guardian lion used in Mahasongkran celebration in Luang Phrabang and its base imitates the form of important places in Laos such as Wat Chiang Thong, Luang Phrabang city, Pu Ye, Ya Ye, Sing which are believed to bring a celestial blessings to Lao people on Songkran day.

Moreover, in the compound is located a big flower garden, tea plantation making the attraction even more attractive. To see more of the park, tourists can opt for elephant riding to tour around the park. Tourists can also enjoy numerous activities such as mulberry paper.

How to get there:

  • From Chiang Rai city, take Phaholyothin road and enter Highway 1089. The park is on the left-hand side. The total distance is 40 km.

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