Mae Jam Forest Garden in Chiang Mai

Mae Jam Forest Garden is another forest garden of Forest Industry Organization. It is founded in 1973 and has an area around 11,091,200 square meters. Nowadays, Mae Jam Forest Garden is developed into a tourist attraction which has Mae Jam River flowing through the forest garden area and is suitable for visiting and relaxing. The forest garden has fully provided facilities for visitors such as camp fire (Please take note that the forest garden does not have tents for renting. Therefore, the tourists should bring the tents along with them and pay 50 baht per night per person.) There are security officers who guard and provide conveniences at nighttime.

Furthermore, Mae Jam Forest Garden can give knowledge about conserving forest resources to students or those who are interested. The garden can also arrange a meeting or seminar for private and governmental sectors. Moreover, Mae Jam Forest Garden has many interesting activities as:-

  • Kayaking, a thrilling and exciting activity which allows you to adventure through the rapid water current and various sizes of stone under the safety provided by our professional officers. The kayaking takes 1.5 – 5 hours. The prices are 600 baht per two people. The rubber rafting fee is 2,500 baht per eight people.
  • Mountain bikes riding, you can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the forest, teakwood field arranged beautifully and various kinds of birds along the routes. There are 35 bicycles for renting and the fee is 100 baht per person.

How to get there:

  • If you are travelling by car from Chiang Mai, please drive along Highway number 108 (Chiang Mai – Amphur Mae Sa Reang) until you arrive Amphur Hod. Then turn right to
  • Amphur Mae Sa Reang, pass Ob Luang National Park. Around the 21th kilometer stone, there is an intersection, turn right to Highway number 1088 to Amphur Mae Jam which takes around 46 kilometers. Mae Jam Forest Garden is on your left hand side around 16th kilometer stone from the intersection.

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