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Mae Ta-khrai National Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mae Takhrai National Park have area about 350 square kilometres in Chiang Mai and Lamphun. Mae Ta-Krai owns a mountainous limestone landscape is a lush forest and plenty of freshwater sources, which run downstream to Ping River nearby. The weather is generally cool and breezy, ideal for trekking along study trails. Mae Ta-Krai National Park you should consider paying a visit include Mae Ta-khrai Check Dam, Tat Moei and Mae Ta-Khrai waterfalls, Doi Langka (Phu Langka Luang), which is the fifth tallest peak in Thailand at 2,030 meters above sea level, and , last but not least, the viewpoints that get you unparalleled views of Chiang Mai Town and Doi Suthep located nearby. Camping spaces are also provided.

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