Mae Tho Waterfall in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Mae Tho Waterfall is another beautiful waterfall located inside Khun Jae National Park is Mae Tho waterfall. This place offers a freshening recreational spot, an intriguing sound from waterfall colliding with rocks, a fun area for family to dive in and a natural hideaway from the city. This place is the passage way to Doi Langka Luang and it really is an interesting place to visit.

This place is one of the grand and beautiful waterfall with 7 tiered. It takes about 2 hrs. to visit all the tiered; the highest level is 40 meters high. There is abundance of verdant and shady trees around the waterfall waiting for tourists who love the adventure. Also, you can go on a trekking trip; you can walk from the highest level where the stream flows strongly from the cliff to below levels where a big log is placed right at the 6-tiered for taking pictures. On the way, you can dip in the cool water and have fun as you maintain your balance while holding on to the twig. This place is peaceful and great for picnicking. The perfect time to visit is during the rainy season but there is water flowing all year round. The water source of the fall comes from Doi Langka Luang which is a popular touristic place as it is the 5th highest mountain of Thailand. Another highlight includes Khun Jae Waterfall offering overnight camping and Doi Pha Ngom where natural trails and magnificent view spot are provided.

How to get there:

The waterfall is 30-40 minutes away from the park. Take the highway 118 from Mae Ka Chan Market heading to Chiangmai. When you reach km. 55-56, the national park is on your right.

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