Mae Tia Waterfall, Chiang Mai

Mae Tia Waterfall is natural beauty of the streams flows gently and joins with the others drops reefs as layers of water that hit the reefs resulting in a terrifying sound inserted by appropriate movement. It cannot be denied that tourists can be astonished at such elegant landscape to visit the “Mae Tia Waterfall”. Mae Tia Waterfall originates from the lower Mae Tia Stream. It is two-tiered continuous waterfall about 80 m in height and 40 m in width. It is high, large and the most beauteous in Op Luang National Park. It is in a deep forest in the middle of the Mae Tia Stream in Doi Kaeo sub-district of Chom Thong district under the supervision of the Op Luang National Park.

Mae Tia Waterfall that has four levels for about 5 km is in the deep forest. Water flows at the waterfall around the year, so its beauty exists throughout the year. Sop Tia villagers use water from the waterfall for agriculture, consumption and domestic use. In addition, it is suitable for studying nature that is interesting because this area is considered as one fertile area due to plants and forests that are deemed as watershed forests, in which wildlife live naturally such as birds, etc. This waterfall looks gigantic and stunning not less than other waterfalls. It is a natural tourist site that is suitable for tourists who love nature and admisre the atmosphere among a wide variety of wood and plants to enjoy and relax all year round.

It may take tourists about three hours from Doi Kaeo National Park National Security Guard Unit to Mae Tia Waterfall. From Chiang Mai by car, take Highway 108 until reaching Chom Thong district and turn right next to the district office or turn right close to Sop Tia Temple or take a bus from Chiang Mai to Hot or from Chiang Mai to Chom Thong. Then, take a motorcycle to the waterfall entrance, where a ride service to the waterfall is provided.

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