Pong Deuat Pa Pae Hot Spring in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pong Deuat Pa Pae is located at Pa Pae sub district, Mae Tang district which is part of Huai Nam Dang National Park. It is a vast hot spring or geyser on Mae Tang basin. This power geyser spurts up from under that ground at a very high temperature and high pressure. It can reach as high as 1 -2 meters due to loose soil. There are 3 or 4 main springs and several ones scattering sporadically. The surrounding area features a dense forest and the lingering smell of Sulphur.

The general topography of the area is a large-scale hot spring or geyser. The accumulation of gases underneath boiling hot water causes an extremely high temperature and exceptionally strong compression. Although it may spurt up occasionally or unceasingly, it always reaches its highest spurt at a constant time of the day. The surface temperature is measured around 90 – 99 °C, but on the other hand the underground temperature can be as high as 170 – 203 °C. Pong Deuat Pa Pae is said to be the biggest and highest geyser in Thailand.

How to get there:

  • To get there, you need to use Highway No. 1095 (Mae Malai – Pai route) by starting from the intersection at Mae Malai market, Mae Tang district, Chiang Mai province. After driving for 35 kilometers, you will find a guidepost on your right. Turn right and keep going for another 7 kilometers. As per the next 500 meters, you are required to head there on foot to reach the destination.

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