Rong Meng Temple Museum, Chiang Mai

Rong Meng temple was founded on October 1, 1984 by Phrakhru Sriphong Kovitto (Boon Peng) and temple located at 1, Rong Meng Village, Moo 2, Nong Yang Sub-district, Sun Sai District, Chiang Mai Province. It was found on October, 1, 1984 by Pra Kru Sri Pong Govivit (Boon Peng). It is a museum inside Rong Meng temple which was built from Pra Kru Sri Pong’s interest in conserving valuable Buddhist art objects such as ancient Buddha images, ancient artifacts and daily utensils of Lanna culture that have been neglected. They also include thousands of models of culture that have been formed from the long-inherited local wisdoms that are both extinct and present.

This place is one of the most efficient learning centers of Lanna culture. Not only does it exhibit ancient artifacts, but it is also a place displaying the arched brick mold (Pim Pun Din Gee), a mold made of over 100-year-old teakwood, which is the first artifact of the museum that Pra Kru Sri Pong received from his mother who had inherited the mold from her ancestors. Receiving that mold was the beginning of Pra Kru Sri Pong’s idea to conserve objects of Lanna culture by collecting artifacts and utensils that Lanna ancestors had lived by for the next generations so that they can see, learn and understand the lifestyle of people from the past. They all reflect the happiness of fertility, people’s way of life, work, unity and elaboration in weaving the religion.

This museum is provides people who are interested in artifacts opportunity to visit the place with no fee charged. It opens daily from 8.00 am. – 6.30 pm.

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