The Bank of Thailand Museum in Chiang Mai

The Bank of Thailand Museum, northern region office, is located at the Anek Prasong Building, Bank Of Thailand Museum, northern region office, Chotana Road, Tumbol Chang Phuek, Amphoe Mueng, Chiang Mai. It was established with an attempt to be a center of information for both coinage and Tai textiles.

The museum display is divided into 2 sections. The First section displays about the history of Thai coinage for people to realize about culture heritage that has been going on for more than 700 years. In addition, the evolution of the mixture of valuable metals since prehistoric times, which were use as the medium of trade and exchange in the economy. Also the history of the Funan, Dvaravati Srivichai, Lanna, Sriksetra, and contemporary coins that have been changing up until present. Accordingly, The Bank of Thailand Museum isn’t only display ancient coinage.

The other section shows the Tai textiles, which also played an important role in the economy of the locals such as the support foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand ,which was established in B.E.2519, to support Tai textiles and also represent its importance in different views such as art, belief, social, religion, culture, and economy in different times. H.M. Queen Sirikit has deemed it desirable that traditional Thai-style clothes for women become established.

In Thai ancient times, textiles used to be an important role of tax payment. For those who are interested in authentic local Tai textiles will not be disappointed because there are many textiles inherited to the museum. Visitors will also see weaving process that was the identity of the region.

The Bank of Thailand Museum opens from Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Close on bank holidays. For more information please call 0539311182-3, fax 053224168,, or visit

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