Wat Kong Khaek Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Kong Khaek (วัดกองแขก) is located at 78 Moo 7, Sai Hod – Mae Chaem Road, Baan Kong Khaek Neua, Kong Khaek Subdistrict, Mae Chaem District. It is only 7 kilometre far from the central of Mae Chaem District. This temple is subject to Maha Nikai with the area of 4 acres. There are murals that were built by people from Lampang province. The murals which are all over both chapels of this temple are so unique and can be count as the special identity of Mae Chaem. This is because in every single of a mural , there is a soul of artists and a dedication of them hidden inside. Murals of the life of Buddha, god and Buddhist fable here at Wat Kong Khaek somehow can very well reflect thoughts and beliefs of Mae Chaem’s locals. The mural inside the temple is one of the most outstanding and gorgeous art works of Chiang Mai. Princess Galyani Vadhana was once here at Wat Kong Khaek on December 7, 2003 to pay homage to principle Buddha image of Wat Kong Khaek.

Baan Kong Khaek is one of the primitive communities of Mae Chaem District and it is the area where migrants from varied provinces gathered such as Mae Phrik people from Lampang, Chiang Saen people from Chiang Rai, Nan people from Chiang Kham, etc. Wat Kong Khaek was built for over 100 years ago by the locals who have a strong belief in Buddhism.

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