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Wat Phra That Chom Thong Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The Phra that is the patron stupa of the year of rat. It is 58 km from Chiang Mai city. It was nominated a third-class royal temple of the Woraviharn type in 1963. The temple was founded on a 10-metre soil hill long called Doi Chom Thong.

Wat Phra That Chomthong is located on the hilltop northwest of Chiang Rai. This temple is important as It is believed that this is the location where King Mengrai chose as the site for his new Lanna capital since it provides an overview of the town and a panoramic view of the Mae Kok Valley. The stupa of Wat Phra That Chom Thong contains what is believed to be the oldest Buddha’s relic. On top of the hill finds a circle of columns surrounding the new city pillar built in an auspicious occasion to celebrate Chiang Rai’s 725th anniversary as well as His Majesty the King Bhumibhol’s 60th birthday. Opening Hours: Daily 8:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.

History of relics

Auspicious name of Chiang Rai city Formerly an ancient temple, presumed that before King Meng Rai found the area and built a city in Chiang Rai in the year 18o5, as evidenced in the books of the Vessantara Yon of the Chao Phraya Chak said When Buddhism passed away 956 years, there is a statue of Thera Phuttha Kosa Was a Kosol when Suthamwadi (Satet) in the ordinary country went out to the continent of Lanka to bring the Tripitaka Of the Ceylon continent into the ordinary continent and the Bagan country And entering Yonok Nakorn Chai Buri, Sri Chiang Saen On Monday the 8th lunar month, 6 years of the Great Era of 333 B.E. (1483), bringing 16 royal relics of a total of 16 monuments to God Pangkharat Governor of Yonok Nakphan His Majesty divided into one large relic. Medium size, two, three pieces, sent to Phaya Ruean Kaew Ruler of Chai Narai (Current area of ​​Wiang Chai) part of the Great Stupa on Doi Thong Dubbed Phra That Doi Chom Thong To honor the name of the city, there is a ceremony to worship Phra That every day on the 15th lunar month 3 (5th 5th month).

Umbilical pillars of 108 pillars. Umbilical pillars in this city, Chiang Rai people have united to create a memorial to the grace of Phaya Mangrai. And in honor of His Majesty the King In the auspicious occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Royal Birthday Celebration In collaboration with the Institute of Social Research, Chiang Mai University and the German government The 108 main navel pillars are based on a fictional universe that has been around since ancient times. The front faces east. The outer courtyard means the land. Surrounded by a moat comparable to the water on the edge of the universe The round is raised in six layers, meaning the six heavens of the landscape. Then lifted up three more levels, which means landscape, top, and nirvana. For the navel’s column, the city is like Mount Meru. Located on the base of the triangle Meaning Trident, Banpot, or Pa Som Na surrounded by 108 pillars, meaning something important in the universe And surrounded by another layer with five channels of water, which is considered to be a descending pentagon that flows into the ground according to the ancient teachings of Lanna The pillars of the city are as large as five hands and as tall as the height of the king. The base of the navel post was as large as five hands. And as tall as the height of the body King Bhumibol Adulyadej He came to anoint the navel of this city on January 27, 1988. The people of Chiang Rai respect the faith of the navel of this city very much. Therefore popular to bathe for the well-being of the people And believed that the water that swept the navel of the city was sacred

How to get there:

  • From King Mengrai Maharaj Intersection Take the Uttarakit Road to the Phahonyothin Intersection (Sai), turn right past the Chiang Rai Provincial Police Division. And Chiang Rai Provincial Police Station Turn left onto Singha Kla Road Turn left onto Trairat Road Pass Wat Phra Kaew Turn right past Chiang Rai Witthayakhom School. Turn right once more up to Doi Thong, pass Ngam Mueang Temple, go for 35o meters, will reach the entrance to Phra That Doi Chom Thong.
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