Wat Phuak Hong Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Phuak Hong is located in Khu Muang Chiangmai, on Samlan Road, Tambon Phra Sing, Amphoe Muang. To get there, if you drive along Samlan Road, you can start from Suan Prung Gate and the temple is about 50 meters off Suan Prung Gate. Arriving at the left side street, you have to go into this side street about 50 meters and the temple will be right in front of you. Puag, the first word of the name, means a group of people involving some duties or lower-class noblemen; therefore, the name suggests being built by the group of noblemen “Puag Hong”

Inside the temple, it hold various fascinations, for example, you will see the monastery where the stucco in form of swan is at the front and of which the building structure is based on local style, the roof is three-layered hierarchical, the stucco art is also fascinating and the wood window panel with the Buddha. In the monastery, the principal ancient bronze Buddha image subduing Mara in the reign of Prachao Yod Chiang Rai. By its side is the ordination hall where the boundary markers in Lanna style which are rarely seen outside the museum are situated.

The spectacular ancient pagoda which is different from the present ones is located in the small area. Its present name is “Sri Puag Hong Pagoda.” The round pagodas can be found in only three in Chiang Mai : Wat Puag Hong, Wat Chedi Plong and Wat Ramperng. The 7-layer pagoda is bricked and mortared in the square shape. 52 Buddha statues surround the pagoda. It is said that the pagoda had been built in the reign of Prachao Yod Chiang Rai in 2030 B.E. and was restored in the reign of Prachao Chai Ched Ta in 2364 B.E.

You can visit and pay respect to“Koo” or the monument of Kru Ba Sri Wichai located near the temple. Besides the architectural marvel, the temple preserves ancient scriptures on Dhamma, which makes it worth visiting for culture lovers. Apart from making merits and giving alms to monks, you can witness the greatness of ancient Lanna-style art.

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