Wat Sri Kerd Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Wat Sri Kerd temple is an ancient temple in Chiang Rai with an auspicious name and location. The history of this temple is still unclear; however, it is possibly constructed in 1440. The temple is named after the tree called Sa-lee. The word “Sa-lee” is a local name, derived from the word “Sri” since the local language does not allow the r-sound. The word “Sri” is from “Sri Maha Bodhi;” therefore, Sa-lee tree is Sri Maha Bodhi tree. “Sa-lee” means auspice, success, brilliancy, progress, and beauty. As for the temple’s location, it is located inside the city wall, east of the town. The east means the first sunlight of the day, implying good meaning.

The temple’s remarkableness is the door panel, the window, the corbel, and the pediment of the magnificent Lanna-style wood-carved building. The other gorgeous place in the temple is the door façade which will be seen once the visitors reach the temple. Although the door façade is fashionably beautiful, it is actually not a Lanna-style work. An artist, Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, disapproved of the door façade since the authentic Lanna style identity is the two gnarling lions working as door guardians. Next, the visitors will find the chapel, which was granted Wisung Khama Sima in 1970. Inside the chapel is the principal Buddha image for the visitors to worship. Apart from the door façade and the chapel, there are also a Lanna pulpit and an ancient Lanna Dhamma book chest. The door and the window panels are made of elegantly carved wood with the design of intertwined sprays in Himavanta, a Buddhit legendary forest. The visitors can also see the Lanna Chedi in this temple. Sri Kerd Municipal School was once situated in the temple and nevertheless was already moved to the opposite of the temple.

How to get there:

  • From Ha-Yak Por Khun Mengrai intersection, turn left to Sri Kerd Road and go straight. The temple is on the right before entering Phaholyothin Road.

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