Wat Tamnuk Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Tamnuk (Wat Sirimangkhalachan or former name Wat Suan Kwan) was built around 1507, in the reign of King Sirithammachakkraphatdirat (Phra Mueang Kaeo), the thirteenth king of Meng Rai Dynasty. This temple was once served as the hermitage of Phra Sirimangkhalachan who composed Mangkhalatthathiphani scriptures. It is located at Tambon Mae Hia, Amphoe Mueang, southwest to the old town of Chiang Mai. The location is between kilometre stone 7 and 8 on Hang Dong route, just in front of Chiang Mai Provincial Land Transport Office.

The sage of Lanna kingdom, Phra Sirimangkalachan, had the previous name of Si-pingmueang. He was the brother of King Tilokpanatdathirat (Phaya Kaeo), the King of Nakhon Phing Chiang Mai, grandson of King Tilokkarat, and son of King Yot Chiang Rai and Phranang Siriyasawadi (Thewi Pongnoi). He was born to the elephant merchant father during the reign of King Tilokkarat (1467 – 1477) of Meng Rai Dynasty and passed away in the period of King Mekutisutthiwong (1551 – 1574). His expertise in Pali is second to none, not only in orthography, but also syntax, prosody and part of speech, which all belong to curricula in Pali study of Level 4, 5, and 7 in the present day. He had been in Sri Lanka for his study, and was a teacher of Phra Mueang Ketklao.

Most of his works are assumed to have been done here at this temple and needed time and effort to go through the collection of scriptures from scriptures hall and compose the new ones. Considering the way he detailed references in each composition, he is widely accepted as an expert of modern masterpieces.

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