What is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha is a fermented green tea drink which is slightly alcoholic, has a sweet taste, black tea or green tea, which is usually intended as a drink for health-conscious benefits. Sometimes the drink is called kombucha tea to distinguish it from bacteria and yeast. Fruit juices, spices, or other seasonings.

Ingredients for making Kombucha tea:

  1. scoby leavening agent and fermented leavening tea, 1 glass
  2. Organic brown sugar
  3. Chinese tea / green tea / white tea (must be caffeinated tea)
  4. Glass jug / glass bottle
  5. Thin white cloth
  6. Rubber leather or rope, fastened to cover the bottle
  7. Clean drinking water

First method

  • Boil boiling water
  • Add tea and sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves and leave for 5-10 minutes.
    -Take the tea out of the glass jar << **** set aside to wait as cool as room temperature
  • When the tea is cold, then add Scooby and Leavening
  • Cover with a thin white cloth and cover the rubber band
  • Set the bottle in a dark place with no light, may cover again with dirt
  • About 1-2 weeks. Taste. Look a little sour taste, which is OK.
    If still not sour, continue to ferment.

methods two

  1. Fruit fermentation
  2. Fill only the fermented water into another glass bottle (leave about 1 cup of water with scoby to make a leavening agent for the first round)
  3. Add fruit that is sweet and has a lot of water, such as lychee, longan, watermelon, or other fruits
  4. Close the lid and leave it at room temperature 6-8 hours.
  5. Keep in the refrigerator for a month.

=== Q&A ===

Q: Sugar or honey that we use to ferment Will it still be in the tea? Or will become a food for bacteria
A: Sugar is food for bacteria, so it will go out when left to ferment.

Q: Usually around 2 with fruit Do you have to filter the water out of the fruit?
A: It is not necessary to put it at all or can fill in it.

Q: Can diabetic people drink it?
A: I can drink, but I can choose not to use fruit.

Q: Can pregnant people drink?
A: If local people have never drunk before Should not drink But if ever To drink less and notice the symptoms that occur

Q: How much to eat per day is not too much.
A: 1 glass, not more than 1 glass if still new

Q: What is the best way to eat? How many times a day
A: 20 minutes before meals, drink on an empty stomach or 20 minutes after meals and don’t eat too late because it contains caffeine.

Q: If scoby hasn’t done it yet, what is it?
A: Keep in a glass bottle. Keep the original fermented tea, moisten, close the lid, store in the refrigerator. Not over a month If storing for longer than that, add sugar. To have food

Q: Can frozen fruit be used to marinate it? Can it be fermented?
A: Frozen but fresh is better. Frozen, the taste is not as good as fresh.
Can not ferment fruit

Q: If I get a tea set and haven’t done it yet, what to do?
A: Put the glass jars and cover the fridge first.

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