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Laos or Land of mountains and streams 
Geographic features Laos has a vast territory. But later came some land to Siam. Until the liberation of French rule. Laos has an area of ​​only 236,800 square kilometers. Most of the mountains are complex. It is the origin of the 13 major rivers, such as the water, the water, the water, the water, the river, etc. The most important river of Laos and the international river is the Mekong River. The Lao people call it the river, which some of the Mekong River in southern Laos in Champasak Province has a width. Up to one kilometer A large waterfall across the Mekong River.

Kon Tum Peng The river is nearly ten kilometers long. And the height of about 20 meters, then the current flows into the province of Tung in Cambodia. The border with Laos is 4,500 km long. The border with Thailand is 1,730 km long. The Mekong River is the borderline between the two countries. It has a total length of 1,400 kilometers, the highest mountain in the country. In Xieng Khouang Several peaks are higher than 2,000 meters. The highest peak in the country is Phu Pao, with a height of about 2,820 meters.

Laos … small country With a population of about five million. Even if it is less than Laos, if the land is larger than 236,800 square kilometers. It is a kingdom of mountains and rivers that are as perfect as the one we once had.

Long time ago, travelers. Traveling to Luang Prabang or Lan Chang Kingdom In the past, Luang Prabang was formerly the capital of Laos. When UNESCO left Luang Prabang to be a World Heritage Site. The name of Luang Prabang is far away. Traveling to Luang Prabang is the most famous of Laos.

“The city is peaceful. Warm, smiling and friendly. “The capital city of Phra Bang is located along the river flowing into the Mekong River to meet the beautiful curve. Where to go to see the green of the forest.

Long ago, Luang Prabang was the capital. In the Mekong River, the River Ganges River was founded by the Lan Chang Kingdom on the Mekong River, which was Luang Prabang from 1896 to 1916 with the help of the Mekong River. King Khmer (Because the princess’s wife was the daughter of King Kham at the time), along with the adoption of Buddhism instead of worship.

Laos is one of the descendants of Thai ancestry. But Laos has many minorities, many Lao tribes only have only 50 percent. Which usually live on the Mekong River plains. The hill tribe is called “Javanese” because of the Javanese population more than any other group in the year 1900. Changed to the name of the city of Chiang Mai to the king. I have a Buddha image. Named after Phra Bang is the Sinhalese Buddha image. Soon, he changed his name to “Luang Prabang”

In 1545, Goddess Pho Rattana, move the capital of the Kingdom of Lan Chang to Vientiane. Luang Prabang will not be the next capital. But he still lives in Luang Prabang. Later, the kingdom of elephants broke into three kingdoms.
1. Kingdom of the elephant Luang Prabang.
2. Kingdom of Lan Chang, Vientiane
3. Kingdom of Lan Chang Champasak

  • King of the Elephant Kingdom The succession of the royal family to the end of the royal family. The city of Siam. Vietnam and France.
  • This is why Luang Prabang has come a long way. The old capital. Many temples And there is a wonderful nature.

Luang Prabang has been registered as a World Heritage Site. There are many ancient temples. A unique colonial style boat house. The city is located along the Mekong River and the water beam. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. Luang Prabang people have a friendly personality, beautiful traditions.

  • While other World Heritage sites may have been specifically registered in Luang Prabang, It was registered as the heritage of mankind in December 1995 and is regarded as the best preserved city in East Asia.
  • Currently, Luang Prabang has a population of about 500,000. Most of the population is engaged in agriculture.
  • Location: Luang Prabang is located north of Vientiane. The distance of about 400 kilometers is connected by Highway 13, taking about 8 – 10 hours with the road is not good. There are aircraft from Vientiane to Luang Prabang by Lao Airlines. It takes about 45 minutes to fly.

The climate of Laos is similar to that of northern and northeastern Thailand. But winter is colder than Laos is located in the tropical zone. Geography is quite different. From Central to Northern in Phongsaly, which borders China. Most of the terrain is characterized by high mountain ranges and high plateaus. Cold to cold The eastern part is characterized by mountains and plains adjacent to Vietnam. For the south is a mountain range adjacent to Cambodia. The impact of the monsoon in the South China Sea. Laos is characterized by the climate is divided into 3 seasons.

  • Summer starts in February. Until April
  • Rainy season begins in May. Until October
  • Winter starts in November. Until January.

More than 90% of Lao people are Buddhist. The Thai people are strictly followers of the doctrine and the remaining 10% are Christian and Islamic. Especially Christianity French colonial

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