6 ways to drive free traffic to your site this month (not SEO)

Here are your marketing tasks for the first month after you launch the site to work towards that goal:

1) Develop a list of all blogs, forums, Facebook groups, trade journals, email newsletters, and influencers in your space.

Write them down and keep the list close, because you should start visiting these sites daily.

2) Join those sites and become a valuable member of those communities.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT spam the communities with links to your site. Become a valuable member first. Introduce yourself as a fellow enthusiast. Participate in the conversation. Integrate yourself in the group.

3) Reach out to bloggers in your space and offer to write guest posts.

Write an awesome post about a topic the community will love. Guest writers are typically given a “byline” in exchange for their post. The byline is a paragraph about you. This is your chance to tell the world about your site and why the community should care about it.

4) Reach out to social media influencers and let them know about your awesome site / service / offering.

Hopefully you’ve already developed relationship with the influencers by engaging with them in the larger community. They’ll be much more responsive to your requests for links if they know you.

5) If your project has a local element (if you’re a restaurant, or a local service provider, for example), float your story to local media.

Local news stations, newspapers, and sites are always looking for stories, and getting mentioned by the afternoon news can provide a great burst of qualified traffic.

6) Join local business groups, like the Chamber of Commerce.

These groups often have pages that link to their members’ sites. It’s great for SEO and it can be a good source of traffic too. I’ll cover SEO in-depth tomorrow, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Going through these steps is a great way to launch your site. You’ll establish contacts with the most important influences in your space. You’ll receive valuable feedback along the way and you’ll be well one your way to becoming a pillar of your community. Credit by WordPress.​com

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