“ I’ll name you . Chungyoung ! How about Chungyoung !”

“ … … .”

“From now on, I am your master .”

The Tomboy Princess , Yu Moon- hwa and her only slave , Chung Young .

She leaves for study in Ilguk, an enemy country, for Seonwolguk .

“The only princess of Seonwolguk . Wouldn’t it be a good condition ?”

“ I wish I could marry someone else !”

“ I’m fine with anything Mama wants me to do .”

Even though the aggressive attitude of the Prince Kang, the moon and flowers do not shake,

Her samurai hides her body like a dark shadow .

“ I love you .”

“I long for you . I yearn and yearn for this body to be broken .”

The moment I try to show my heart little by little in the endless campaign of affection ,

An unusual wind blows over Seonwolguk .

Yu Wolhwa to protect Seonwolguk

The story of Chung Young, where even death is immortal for her ,

Empress .

Associated Names: 여제
Matil Bread
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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