Why did the Shang Dynasty move its capital frequently

The Shang Dynasty, the second dynasty in Chinese history, was also China’s first dynasty with direct written records of the same period. In the process from “gongtianxia” to “jiatianxia”, the hereditary system of the throne was fully demonstrated. Since the establishment of the Xia Dynasty, the capital “seems” to be located in Luoyang.

At that time, the Xia Dynasty was still very small. Compared with the land of China today, it can only be described as a big palm. Some friends may have questions. Why does the editor say that the capital of the Xia Dynasty “seems” to be in Luoyang? There is a reason. At present, there is no conclusive evidence to prove the real existence of the Xia Dynasty, whether it is through historical materials or unearthed cultural relics. This is why a lot of Chinese history begins with the Shang Dynasty.

It is said that the last generation of kings of the Xia Dynasty was called Jie. Jie was an “outstanding” tyrant in history. He was extravagant and cruel. At that time, the people were tortured and miserable. Finally, Shang Tang killed Jie and announced that the Xia Dynasty, which had existed for hundreds of years, was formally subverted and the Shang Dynasty was established. One of the things that the Shang dynasty likes to do most is to move all kinds of capitals.

As a dynasty addicted to moving the capital, the original capital of the Shang dynasty was nothing. Then the capital was moved to “Yun”, then to “Xiang”, then to “Xing”, then to “Xing”, and finally to “Yin”. “. Regarding the relocation of the capital, I can imagine that every time I have to go to war and use the power of the whole country, I will definitely be tired and half to death, so after the capital is moved to “Yin”, I will never move again. It may be too tired. NS. Having said that, what makes them always move their capitals?

There are probably two more reliable reasons. One of the reasons is that the Yellow River is always disobedient, and you have to lose your temper if it is worth it. At that time, the ability to control water was very lacking. Since I couldn’t provoke it, I had to hide, so various behaviors of moving the capital occurred. However, the editor doesn’t seem to be particularly reliable about this kind of argument. Why did it stop flooding when I moved to “Yin”, and it was quiet for more than 200 years. So using this argument to explain the move to the Shang Dynasty seems to be somewhat unsatisfactory.

Another reason is the throne system of the Shang Dynasty. Of course, the Shang Dynasty was also a hereditary system of thrones, but they always struggled with the question of “father to die and son to follow” and “brother to die to follow”. Which hereditary method is more reasonable? Don’t think about it, it must be “father to die and son to follow”. The method is more reasonable, and the father will pass on the son a lot less contradictions. As for the “brother to death” approach, it is obvious that there will be many unexpected problems.

Everyone can imagine, if I die, I pass my throne to my brother, and then my brother also hangs up. Will he pass the throne to his son or to my son? If he wants to pass the throne to my son, his son will definitely say to his father: “Dad, you should pass the throne to me, I’m your son!”. If this is the end result, my son will definitely not agree. Why did you do this? My dad passed the throne to you. You should pass the throne to me, and I will pass the throne to your grandson!

If this happens, what is it called? This is called a throne fight. In the end, the reason is not good, then use force, so this kills that one, and moves the capital once. The capital has not been warmed up after the capital has been moved, and he was killed again, and then moved the capital again. The various capitals of North Korea were moved. Having said that, why don’t you move the capital when you arrive in Yin?

Every time the capital was moved, it was a waste of the people and money. Besides, there was no housekeeping service in that era. After many relocations, everyone was tired. Just after arriving in Yin, the ruler Pan Geng was another very accomplished monarch. Many factors are combined, and they will not migrate any more in the future.

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