Miss Tian Jiu: Emperor Zun, don’t run!

Miss Tian Nine: Emperor Zun, don’t run!
Other names: 逆天九小姐:帝尊,别跑, Miss Guardian Nine: Emperor Zun, don’t run!
Author: Shui Qingzhu
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: 2018
Status: Chapter 10830 White Head Deed – (Ongoing)


She is an ace agent, but she has passed through to become the No. 1 and wonderful girl in Yecheng! Is this lady an ugly girl? Turn the cocoon into a butterfly, and brighten your titanium snob! Is this lady a waste? Tianlei in hand! Chop you are tender and fragrant on the outside and inside! Just greedy for money and lust without a bottom line, vowing to blossom everywhere!

A certain figure with a knife in his left hand and a sword in his right hand cut down the blossoms of peach blossoms! A certain woman raised her eyebrows and smiled: “You cut my peach blossoms, I abused you Bailian, two evildoers make a pair, a perfect match!”…


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