Novoland: Eagle Flag Episode 47

Yuran decided to stay in Qingzhou to become Jiwu god than Momo became the new monarch of Qingyang

He Xueyu squatted on the ground and asked for a feather to enter the temple. In this way, the feathers of Qingzhou would normally produce wings, and the Qingzhou departments could unite. Lu Guichen advised Yuran to leave with himself, but Yuran said heavily that now he may have to stay in Qingzhou forever because he has a big responsibility.

Yuran came to the coma, Jiye, and muttered to him. For a long time, Yuran came to the outside, when Qingzhou people had surrounded her and celebrated her return as Jiwu. A solemn voice came, saying that Yuran would become Jiwu God, and he would never marry and become a saint of Qingzhou.

Yuran step by step to the temple, Lu Guichen asked her if Jiye woke up and what to do. At this time, the feathers have been decided. She suppressed the pain in her heart and told Lu Guichen that she is not going to leave now. She does not want to go to see Jiye. Because she is afraid of seeing him, she will change her mind. Soon, Yuran walked into the temple alone. From today, she will officially become a god of Jiwu. The door of the temple was heavily closed. Lu Guichen was very sad in his heart. Looking back, he found that Ji Ye was staying behind. At this time, Ji Ye was already uncomfortable.

Feather went into the temple and began to call out his divine power as the Jiwu god. At this time, Qingzhou began to change gradually, and everything was developing in a good direction. Ji Ye and Lu Guichen sat together, thinking that Yuran was fulfilling his own ideals after all. Although Jiye was very disheartened with her, she felt that she had to accept it. Lu Guichen asked if he wanted to go back to Tang with himself. Ji Ye said that he still wants to stay with him to accompany him. In the end, Hirano persuaded Lu to return to the dust road. The boat is a good girl, so he must cherish her.

In the night, Ji Ye came to the door of the temple and silently said to the feathers inside. After that, he planned to leave, but just after he left, the feathers inside him said to him with conviction, he would go, don’t look back, otherwise he would never be able to go. Ji Ye smiled silently, and he had to accept it all.

Lu Guichen went to the vicinity of the Tang Dynasty. At this time, he happened to find a group of soldiers who were beating the soldiers of the Tiandeng Group. He hurriedly stepped forward to stop them, and inadvertently saved the interest. The interest told Lu Guichen that the identity of himself and Xi Yan as a Tianzhu group has already been exposed. The princess has sent people to arrest him and torture him. Lu Guichen told Xi Yu that he now needs to go to Nanhuai to save a person.

In Qingyang, the next man, Huma, told Dahesa that the Qingyang lord Lu Wei had already fallen off because of riding down and fainted. Dahesa rushed to Lu Wei, and Lu Wei was still unconscious at this time. The doctor told him that Lu Wei is now dying. When the doctor left, Dahesa used his own method to sprinkle some wine on the mouth of Lu Wei. This made Lu Wei finally have signs of waking up, which made Dahesa smug and said that he still The way is ok.

In the main hall, the ministers saw that Lu Wei could not do it, and launched a struggle for power and profit. The eldest son, Bi Mogan, said that he would lead the army by himself, but other people did not agree with him at all. The people started a war of words in the temple, and even almost wanted to fight. At this moment, Dahesa came over and stopped them. He also said that if they really moved, they would be punished by the gods.

Bimogan and Xu Dahan, who will have a conflict in Dahesa, are together. Both of them are the sons of Lu Wei, but the mothers are different. Dahe Sahua talked about the past events of the past, and advised them to turn them into jade. As for the successor, they still wait until Lu Wei wakes up and make a decision.

At night, Bi Mogan’s acolyte told Bi Mogan that now Xu Dahan has been uniting some sweats to study the situation of winning the position. If Mogan does not want to resort to some means to let Lu Wei make a decision early, then His emperor may not be guaranteed.

On this day, Bi Mogan came to the main hall, and Lu Wei’s condition has improved. Bimogan showed some of the heads to Lu Wei, saying that it was some rebellious ministers who had already killed them in advance. After that, he snarled and said that Lu Wei is now old, and he will give himself to the throne. It turned out that he had killed the ministers before, just to force Lu Wei to give way to himself. Lv Wei sighed heavily and said why the fate of Lu’s family is always so similar. After that, he will call over Mogan, take him for nothing, and put a knife on his neck. He blamed that Bimo was too naive, and that he would only cause civil strife and let outsiders rush in to kill him.

Soon, Lu Wei will be outside the Mogan, and brought the former heads, saying that the ministers were killed than Mogan. However, at this time, Lu Wei accidentally said that he felt better than Mogan, that the ministers were killed, that they did not have the ability to protect themselves, and that Mogan was a man of heart, suitable as the new owner of the grassland. After that, Lu Wei ordered everyone to kneel in front of Bimo, calling him king. Everyone has to do this. Bimogan trembled and accepted the worship of the people. Just now he thought that Lu Wei would kill himself in public. After Lu Yu swore his own idea, he fell and died. Xu Dahan saw it here and left alone. Since then, Momo has become the new owner on the grassland.

Lu Guichen returned to Nanhuai and walked down the street. At this time, he recalled the scene where he used to play with Yuran and Jiye here. He couldn’t help but feel at ease.

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