Other names: 天际
Author: The principal is a mother
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


I believe that there is a power that can go beyond the shackles, love those who dare not love, do things that dare not do, resist all destiny and power above all, illuminate the dark history and the cold sky. But let him have a lifetime of vigor and loneliness-in the end, he is also afraid of being moved. The abducted girl and the greatest mage in the history of Skyrim

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 The Girl Who Was Abducted
Chapter 2 The blood is still hot
Chapter 3 Wang Nima is an honest man
Chapter 4 Before Dawn
Chapter 5 You are Prosperity
Chapter 6 The World
Chapter 7 A Hundred Years Away
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Best Friends
Chapter 10 Union Parliament

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