White Fang

White Fang
Alternative Titles: 白牙, 举报, White Fang
Country: France
Episodes: 1
Genres: anime, Adventure
Director:  Alexandre Espigar
Aired: June 14, 2019


“White Teeth” is an animated film directed by Alexander Espigares, dubbed by Nick Overman, Rashida Jones, Paul Giamatti and others, and was released in France in March 2018. The film is based on Jack London’s novel of the same name and tells the story of a wolf named White Fang.

A wolf named White Fang was born in the wilderness, and what he saw in his childhood was a world where the weak and the strong. Later, the she-wolf brought it back to the Indian owner from the wilderness and became a sled dog. However, after a short peaceful life, the Indian owner was forced to sell the white teeth to the scheming Smith due to economic pressure. Under abuse and surveillance, White Fang was forced to become a fierce fighting wolf. After a nearly desperate career in fighting the wolf, the new owner Scott saved it. Scott’s benevolent love gradually transformed White Fang from a brutal beast into a loyal pet, and successfully rescued the Scott family from the bad guys.

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