China Basic Information

Name of country: Republic of China (PRC) or China or 中华人民共和国 or Jong Hua Renmin
Largest city: Shanghai
Official languages: Chinese
Governance: State, political party, socialism
– President Jin Ping
– Prime Minister Li Ke
Legislative: National Assembly
Founded: Founded October 1, 1949
Currency: Yuan Renmin Min (RMB ¥) (CNY)
Time zone: China Standard Time (UTC + 8) – Summertime (DST) (UTC + 8)
Traffic System: Right Hand 2
Top domain: .cn,. 中國,. 中

The People’s Republic of China has jurisdiction over 22 counties and counts Taiwan as its 23rd state, even though it has no dominion over Taiwan, which is currently governed by the Republic of China. Claims over the territory of the People’s Republic of China have been objected by the People’s Republic of China. [55] In addition, five subdivisions are named, according to the resident population. 2 special ones which have one level of autonomy. These lands may be called together. “Mainland China”, which often excludes Hong Kong and Macau.

Administrative divisions of the People’s Republic of China by County (省)

  1. Anhui (安徽)
  2. Fujian (福建)
  3. Ganzu (甘肃)
  4. Cantonese (广东)
  5. Guizhou (贵州)
  6. Hainan (海南)
  7. Hebei (河北)
  8. Heilongjiang (黑龙江)
  9. Henan (河南)
  10. Hubei (湖北)
  11. Hunan (湖南)
  12. Jiangsu (江苏)
  13. Jiangxi (江西)
  14. Jilin (吉林)
  15. Liaoning (辽宁)
  16. Qinghai (青海)
  17. Shaanxi (陕西)
  18. Shandong (山东)
  19. Shanxi (山西)
  20. Sichuan (四川)
  21. Taiwan (台湾) †
  22. Yunnan (云南)
  23. Zhejiang (浙江)

Autonomous region (自治区)

  1. Guangxi Zhuang (广西 壮族)
  2. Inner Mongolia (内蒙古)
  3. Ningxia Hui (宁夏 回族)
  4. Xinjiang (新疆 维吾尔族)
  5. Tibetan (西藏

Municipality (直辖市)

  1. Beijing (北京)
  2. Chongqing (重庆)
  3. Shanghai (上海)
  4. Tianjin (天津)

Special Administrative Region (特别 行政区)

  1. Hong Kong (香港特別行政區)
  2. Macau (澳門 特別 行政區)

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