Method of meditation practice by Phuttho

When he started to study the Khamadāmāāsāta in which faculties, which teachers Those who have mastered the said teachings Should believe in the Master that this one is an expert in this scripture Then believe in the teachings that you teach that is the right course And should give respect to the place where he went to perform the meditation Then proceeded to learn the scriptures

Boran Charnchan has a ceremony to cultivate basic faith. Before studying the scriptures were Organize teachers with wax candles, 5 pairs, 5 white flowers, called Khan 5.

Wax candles 8 pairs, 8 pairs of white flowers, called Khan 8 Or a pair of heavy wax candles, 1 baht per book. White flowers are equal to candles.

Then invited all 40 of the sit-ups to be with me now Then continuing to study that scripture Ancient ingenious ceremony. You are good too. There are still many rituals, but the author has not mentioned Will talk about the simple ceremony that can be performed in the next part

When culturing faith and confidence in his mind as already mentioned Therefore went to see a teacher who is expert in that standard If you are skilled in the way of Sammarang practice, you teach that the meditation Sammarat Set to be a clear crystal 2 inches above the navel and placed his mind there. Praying indefinitely Do not let the mind escape from the loved one. Meaning that the loved one is the location of the mind.

When you come to see the Master who is expert in praying, collapse, inflatable, you will teach to pray, collapse, inflatable, to put the mind in various postures, such as Raise your feet up Stepping foot down, whether swollen or considering the occurrence and extinguishment of every posture This keeps on being emotional.

When he approached the Master who was proficient in supernatural powers He taught the incantation that Napa Phathana, Napa Phatha, put the mind as an emotion Jit will take to see various gods of In-Brahma in Brahma. Until enjoying the emotions

When approaching the Master that you are proficient in Anapanasati You will teach to define the breath in – out. Keep the mind focused on the breath in-out The only thing is emotion.

When going to see the Master that you are expert in prayer He would teach the monk that Phuttha, then put the mind to be firmly in that monk. Until fully skilled Will teach to consider Phuttho and Phuttho, when considering each other Then should seize Governor Phuttho The output will disappear only to the output of Governor.

To take that “Governor Phuttho” as the next principle

People in this day or time Or regardless of their knowledge or ability, it doesn’t hurt that they are excited about what they have never tested for the truth. Then believe in Because they are curious about the real thing Especially those who already hold Buddhism And Buddhism shows the true reason. But why have to believe in the advertising that is abundant in general This is because people today are impatient. Still not causing the reason to be ready but wanting to get results quickly As they say “The people of the atomic era” are perhaps

Buddhism teaches to reach the abstract mind. The body is concrete. Concrete, it must be in the command of the abstract When starting to practice meditation, practice the mind to be calm, not chaotic. At that time he did not see to trouble anyone. Trained until becoming skilled, then that person was calm There are a lot of trainees like this. Entering this world will only offer peace. As for concrete, we can practice calmness only when the mind is compelled. When the mind is inattentive, the body will follow its story. Therefore, we come to practice the spiritual practice

Phupphakit before meditation

Before doing the meditation Should do the basic work first, namely, to set the mind to fully believe in faith As explained above, should bow down to three times and say.

Germain Hํ of Allah and Allah’s holy monk Pcwa push him who hath the Lord. He is a saint, enlightenment, and is good. Phutta Phutemathiwati I apologized to the Lord. (Should bow down one time)

Swakha Tharaphak Thammathamo, the dharma talk of the Great God , Dharma, I worship Pay respect to the dharma (Should bow down one time)

Supunpan Nophakwotobosakho, a monk, a disciple of You have done well . I pray that the monks

(Should bow down one time)

Nammot, Bhagavata, Autosam, Masamut Phutthasos (3rd ending).
Recalling the grace of the Lord Buddha, the Master of the World. He was free from all suffering and lust. (Should bow down 3 times)

Note: Prapubkij has been shown for this purpose. Is an example only If anyone can get a lot to pay respect, no problem, but must pay respect before meditation every time Except that the location does not allow

Should meditate as follows Put the right leg over the left leg Right hand over left hand. Keep yourself upright and think of the words of the Buddha’s verse. Set it in the middle of the chest, not the mind. Should compose your mind to remain stable and steady as a unique eye The mind can access meditation.

Once he had attained meditation Sometimes without knowing it disappeared completely. Don’t know how long we sat Before going out of meditation for several hours, so meditation doesn’t have to be fixed Let it be as it were

The mind that attains true concentration is the mind that is unique. If you do not reach the Akkhagajitakit that you are not concentrate. Because there is only one true heart If there are many which do not yet reach the heart but the mind

Before practicing meditation First of all my heart and mind Here we should understand that the mind and heart are not the same.

The mind is the mind, imagining, manipulating the promises of all things.

The heart is still still. Just knowing that it’s still There was no more thought of decorating.

Like a river with waves of rivers When the waves were calm There will be only clear and clear rivers.

All subjects and all desires will arise. Because the mind imagines and manipulates the whip All of those things will be evident in their own hearts when the mind remains silent and reaches the heart.

Water is naturally clean. When there are leaders in different colors Mixed with that water That water will change according to that color. But once the water has been filtered out of that color, the water will be clear as before. The mind and heart are the metaphors described here.

Indeed, the Lord Buddha has already preached that any mind, that mind, if there is no mind, no mind is a symptom of the mind, there is no symptom of meditation practice. Regardless of what the teacher is trained and methods, If the right way, then must reach all the heart.

When he reached his own sympathy Will see all his desires Because the mind accumulates all that desire This time, how we will handle it depends on us.

A doctor who will completely cure that disease Must find the etiology of the disease first And then can be poisoned with that disease

We practice spiritually for a long time and gradually release the distraction. And then gradually come to be combined with Phuttho The mind is determined to be the same emotion as Puttho. Until seeing the mind that Whatever the mind, all that time, regardless of standing, walking, sitting, sleeping, any posture, the mind is clear and clear with that Puttho.

When he had reached that size, please hold the mind in that mood. For as long as possible Don’t just want to see that. See this. Or wanting to be like this first

Because desire is a serious obstacle to the mind

When the desire arises, the concentration will immediately deteriorate. The concentration deteriorates because the principle of meditation is that the output is unstable. At that time, I couldn’t find anything. Big trouble Thinking of only the emotions that had been meditated before The mind became even bigger, etc.

Practicing meditation like a farmer He does not hurry, he sowing, plowing, plowing, planting black, respectively, not skipping steps and waiting for the rice plants to grow old. Even so, he had not seen the seed nor the ear. But he has his confidence that There will certainly be seeds and grains one day ahead When the grains were old, they had come to believe, and they would certainly have the results. He did not pull the grain to the heads as he wished. Those who do that will be truly in vain.

The same is true for meditation practice. Cannot hurry to skip steps Must give faith to his faithful determination that this Is a verbatim that helps our mind to truly concentrate And don’t hesitate Will these words be used against our norms? That deed That person did it like this. We do. The mind is not as strong as this.

If the mind had been firmly determined in his actions Can be used at all Because praying only to make the mind steadfast As for the rest, it is according to the individual merit

In the Buddhist era, a monk prayed near a pool. Saw a pelicans hovering and eating fish His Highness therefore considered it a form of prayer Until becoming a saint Pelicans eat fish, never seen in any poem. But he successfully prayed This is an example

The mind that is intended to be trained within the scope of the various spiritual examinations Would inevitably be able to abandon his own insidious And we have to train because we need the peace of mind The nature of the mind would naturally have a feeling of distraction. As explained In most cases it will be shaken in these emotions: when the spirit begins Put the mind to put it in the output. So, it won’t be in the output. It will run to work that we are starting to do or are doing. The garnish that made all this mess Afraid of being bad Afraid that the work would not succeed Jobs that we accept from others Or receive only personal information, it will lose benefits or dislike When we accept, do not follow etc.

This is a matter of distractions from becoming one of the new trainers. We bring the mind to that other place. That is not the path of peace. The true peace must bring one’s mind to one location at Phuttho. And the spiritual output and so on, etc.

A moment later This time he went to his family and sent him to his children, to his wife, and to her husband. Is he healthy or not? Can you eat good food, taste it? If you are far away from each other Thought of where he was How to live and eat The one who misses the house Those who were at home thought of those who had gone far. Afraid that it’s not safe Afraid that others would persecute No friends Fear of being lonely, etc. Think over a hundred and nine thousand, but the mind will prepare to compose Which these issues are thought to be beyond all reason

Or if still single, still young Will cook and decorate in a fun way, enjoying the group with friends Who used to have fun in various places, some even exclaimed

Came as a loud laugh This desire is more serious than friends.

When praying for religious sentiments Passion saw that it was no more. He would flee from me again. It will find something that will bind us to be consistent everywhere. We were born from an early age. We have never practiced meditation. Only letting the mind follow the emotions of desire Just practicing right now When he came to pray for Buddhas, so that his mind was included in the Buddhas The mind is writhing. As if a person threw a fish out of the water onto the beach Fish naturally struggles to find water. We draw the mind to come to Puttho again.

Phuttho is a cold thing, a way of peace. There is only one way to be able to escape from suffering in this world.

We draw our minds into Puttho again. If this time we can calm down a bit When he felt his mind there, he saw ominously that his mind was there. Happy Different from the restless mind Suffering Intend to be careful to hold the emotions to hold the emotions again and again, this time to take advantage as a claim that If that thing is not done or we do not seek it, then it will be a huge waste of opportunity. And then concentrate his mind on that particular object instead As for the output, it disappeared and didn’t know. Before knowing that Phuttho had disappeared It’s too late Therefore this mind is struggling, struggling, difficult to treat like a monkey, not happy, etc.

Sometimes meditating for a long time Afraid that he would not walk or walk easily Afraid that nerves will die Beriberi Eventually paralyzed If praying a bit far from the house or in the forest, it is even more afraid. Afraid of tigers will come to eat Afraid of snakes coming to bite Fear of ghosts will deceive various gestures to put fear of death collapsed in many ways. All of them deceived themselves. The truth is not like you think of it. Since I was born until now, I have never seen a man eating a tiger. The ghost had never seen it once. Even the ghosts have never seen He didn’t know what he was, but he manipulated himself.

Obstacles to this prayer of prayer Enough as an example only In fact, it has many times more than this. Those who prayed will know by themselves.

If we seize the output Come to the heart Put his mind and mind in the same output All dangers will not come.

Truly believe in Phuttho that there is no danger Except for the old karma he had done That is impossible. Even though the Buddha cannot prevent

At first all prayers were weak. Regardless of what kind of deeds Must be disturbed by these lust together Because these lusts are the foundation of the world and the foundation of the mind When we pray to make the mind the only one Passion sees that we will escape from it. Those desires will be besieged. Not allowing us to escape from this world

Who came to see their punishment as serious like this And brave himself Growing faith firmly Thought that I had been lusting in many lifetimes This time we will accept the teachings of the Lord Buddha. The output is dependable.

Then set his mind firmly and steadfastly in his output Sacrificing his life to worship Phuttho Do not let the mind escape from Phuttho Once we had made that determination The mind plunges into the mood to reach concentration.

People who concentrate at first will have symptoms like this. We will never know what meditation or mind is like. We just keep composure to one emotion. With the power to stand firmly to that one emotion Which causes the mind to reach meditation And didn’t think that the symptoms of concentration were like this And want it to be like this But it is their own. Anyone can not force it.

At that moment, there will be a feeling that we are in another world (the world of mind), with unparalleled comfort and happiness in this world.

When the mind withdraws from the meditation, he regrets that feeling. And remember that emotion precisely All that is said today is that the mind withdraws from that emotion while the mind is consolidating Who would say what to do, not knowing at all.

We must train the mind to access this concentration often in order to master. But don’t remember the old emotions Don’t want to be old. It won’t be like that Repeatedly being a big mess Is but we gradually pray to the Buddha to keep the mind in that deed Whatever it is, be it.

The mind is a new concentration. When it is again, it will not be the old way, but it will never be what it is. Let it be a concentration. It is a lot of things, therefore, gaining wide knowledge and many intrigue.

Which is described in brief as an illustration Ask those who do this. Don’t pay attention. It will be a promise Prayer will not be possible. Just remember that it is a comparable device. Since we had already prayed

All the prayers Whether praying to the Buddha or to collapse Or Samma Arang Whatever When the mind is concentrated in mind, then do not think that our mind will combine Or is it included or is it all? But it automatically combines itself Even if the utterance is unknown, when is it unknown? There will only be peace. Which is not this world and all other worlds or anything And no one or anything It is only their condition. (Which is called the world of mind)

There will be no word for this world or any other. Assume that this world commandment will not appear there. Therefore, there will not be any problems at all, but only the practice of meditation. And comparable to the mind without concentration How different and different The mind has reached concentration. When withdrawn for secular and religious consideration How is it different to a mind that is not concentrated?

Mind and Mind Here we will talk about mind and heart to understand once again. Anyway, it talks about mental training (ie meditation). If you do not understand about mind and mind then Did not know where and how to practice meditation

Born to be people or animals, everyone has a heart. Everyone, but the mind and heart do different jobs.

His mind thought to send shook and garnish to various, eighty-thousand Depending on the desire it takes

As for the heart, it is the one who knows nothing, does not think and does not decorate anything. Mediocre In all things The middle knows that is the heart.

The abstract spirit doesn’t exist. Is only a person who knows We can take it anywhere. Not in the body or outside of the body The heart calling that the heart is not the true heart is just a blood jet to run all over the body. And still alive only If the heart is not injecting blood, walk all over the body. Life cannot exist.

The minds of the villagers who speak regularly, such as the words I’m sorry, I’m glad, I’m upset, I’m sad, I’m shocked, I’m upset, whatever, whatever, etc. But metaphysics call it all the mind, such as the mind is charity, the mind is evil. Is difficult The mind is erotic. The mind is rupture Jit is aroparaphon The mind is lust, etc.

But what is the true mind and heart?

The mind is the mind, the thinker, the creator. The author has to use all six alias as a tool when the eye can see the ear, nose, smell the tongue, feel the body taste, feel cold, hot, soft, hard. According to their own desires, both good and bad, good or bad, also not happy All of them are the mind and the desire. In addition to this six art words The mind cannot be used. He separated into six organic elements, six senses, six things, but a lot in these sixty-sixths. These are the mental symptoms that an unknown person

The mental practitioner is a meditation practitioner. It struggles to follow the six Atana. As explained before To stay still in the word of the Lord Buddha, not to send it back and forth Stand still and know that it’s still. That is my heart. The true heart does not use any pretension. Therefore called the heart

As the villagers say, the heart is the middle of all things. For example, the heart of the hand means the middle of the hand, the feet of the feet and the center of the feet. All things When talking about the heart, it must be pointed at the center. Even the best, but the heart must point directly among the chest. In fact, it was found there. It was not as described here. But in the middle of all things

In order to clearly understand again, try to experiment, should breathe in for a while ….. There will be nothing there Except the one who knows only the mind is the one who knows, but this kind of holding will not last for a moment while holding your breath only But try to see just what the true heart looks like

Holding this breath causes some suffering to be somewhat reduced. Very compassionate Have to hold your breath on a regular basis as an analgesic Can feel good in parallel as well

When knowing that the mind and heart have different functions and characteristics like this Will train the mind more easily. Indeed, the mind and heart are the same. The Lord Buddha said Any mind that Training, meditation, we only train only the mind. When you practice your mind, you will see it there.

This mind when we practice training fully By putting the mind into control in the output as one Will not shake in different places And will combine into one And the words of the voodoo disappear without knowing it There will be peace, tranquility, happiness, always find nothing like it is not. Who has never experienced Once he had experienced, he could not describe it properly. Because of this kind of peace Which no one in this world has experienced before Never had the same experience Therefore cannot describe But can explain to himself If explaining to others Must use a metaphor for comparison to understand This kind of thing is a matter. Personal knowledge

More than that If that person had already practiced great prestige in a past life There will be many miracles, for example, the knowledge, the seeing of angels, ghosts, monsters, and the past, the future, and others in that life. And will continue to be like that again Which he didn’t intend to see at all But once the mind is in meditation It would have been astonishing to see its own.

This kind of thing, all meditation practitioners are very passionate. When you see or know, brag to others When others follow but not see Or not being like that, it is discouraging Find that our merit is small Our fortune does not exist. To loosen faith in practice

As for those who are and see, see this, see this as said When decaying then

We go astray, but the outside is not based on his heart. Therefore not grab anything And thinking about the old emotions that we have seen The mind became even bigger. Those who like to talk only use the old things that they have known and have seen. All listeners like to listen to this type of player. But the practitioner is bored because the practitioner likes to listen only to reality and present

The Lord Buddha preached that Our religion, the Buddha said that Buddha will deteriorate and prosper because of this practitioner Deterioration because practitioners get a little bit of knowledge, then take it to talk to others Not showing the principles of meditation Only the outside Can not find anything This causes the religion to decline without knowing it.

Those who make Buddhism prosper. Speaking only what is really helpful And not joking Rationalize Practicing this prayer Like this Compile Can calm and suppress this desire for distraction

The Buddhist monk pray, just to calm down. Do not hurry To believe in the Bodhisattva Consciously controlling his mind to stay in his output. Confidence causes the heart to be firm, not unstable. Let go of all doubts And the mind will be included in the output of the Dharma. The consciousness of the Phuttho together with only all the time. Will stand, walk, sit, sleep or do all work. Will only be conscious with Phudho The person who prayed is still a little tricky. Must adhere to the Phuttho textures If not then he cannot pray. Or is possible but still can’t hold the principle

Meditate to the extraordinary mind. If being extremely adept at praying the mind that he would take this If I don’t see Puttho, don’t see Puttho in his heart, or his mind will not stand still with Puttho alone We will not rise from here. Even if life goes out, it is so good Like this, then the mind will unite into one without knowing it The performance of Phuttho Or anything that we are curious or suspicious about Will disappear in the blink of an eye Even this body that we have held for a long time Will not appear there There will be only a heart remaining in the know Happy only

People who meditate like this do like it very much. Later, he wanted to meditate again. So it was not like that. So it’s not like that

Meditation is a very delicate item. We cannot force it to be like this. And not being able to concentrate again

If we make a big impatience We have to do it calmly. Whether or not it is meditative We used to do the rosary prayer. Continued to pray Act like we have never prayed in the past Neutralize the mind, always keep the mind Then relax your breath gently Put the mind into the mind To be with Phuttho only When it will be it, if it’s its own. We cannot come and make it impossible. If we can make up All the people of this world will be fulfilled with a saint.

Knew but couldn’t do it Being right and wanting to be like that again is not possible. These are all obstacles to meditation.

The prayer of the Output Buddha must make expertise. While both good and evil emotions touched Must meditate immediately Don’t let your mind become emotional. When do you think of Phuttho? The mind will combine immediately. In this way the mind can be firm and able to believe oneself

When learning to master this skill for a long time Passion, clinging to all things, will gradually disappear. You don’t have to pay for that lust. That lust must be paid with that Dharma. With such ruse methods How can we turn off our desires? Only glad Just this is enough

Lust disappears with the same scheming that has been described It is better for us to pass away our desires by meditating on 1-2-3 with anxiety, critics, joy, agility and equanimity, or the beginning of life with the desire to pass by. Affliction Only looking at that desire That desire We make it like that. We are free from that desire. Only our lust remains. Keeping the mind like that, our desires will end.

But does not look at the mind of the desire-minded-minded person, it is the desire that attaches to the mind Once that consideration was dismissed The mind will stay the same and nothing.

Aside from not receiving anything When someone argued the idea. Which is no longer relevant to his opinion Must contend violently Like a fire and poured some oil on it

Please hold Pho Tho’s word to be stable. If you do not get anything, there is still a verse to the principle that the emotions can be alleviated. Or may suspend and disappear Better than nothing, as an anchor

In truth, all the prayers must be fastened to their prayers. In order to receive the principle of prayer, when the prayer has deteriorated

The Lord Buddha preached that Painstaking people Act like an ancient warrior. In the past, had to build a tight wall around the city With the camp and the battle gate In order to prevent the enemy from harassing the wise warriors. When fighting with the enemy, they see that they can fight the enemy wood Then hunt back to Bangkok And preserve the capital city so that the enemy can not destroy At the same time accumulate battalions of weapons and food in unison (that is, to meditate firmly and bravely) and then to fight the enemy anymore (that is, all mass of lust).

Meditation is a very important force. If there is no concentration, then where does Vipassana come from? Wisdom of Vipassana is not a thing that should be composed when But caused by concentration That has learned to be a good expert

To those who have matured in Vipassana If there is no peace of mind, then where to bring Vipassana? But your content is only plain This can be heard.

Practitioner Once he had meditated and made sure Until getting in or out Will stay for a long time And considered this body to be Supha Or can be an element Consider all the people in this world to be all skeletons. Or consider to see all this world as free All can be empty, etc.

The mind of a fully concentrated person, whether standing, walking, sitting, lying would always be a concentration. And then saw his desire Which is clearly caused by one’s own mind that lust is greed, anger, and delusion. It arises from this, and it stands with this kind of condition

Like the water in the pool that has been turbid for hundreds of years. Just come and see all the things that are in the bottom of the pool In the past, we didn’t think that In the bottom of this vowel it has these things, called Vipassana: knowledge, real-world view, whatever it is. Not a strange warp from its reality

Peace of desire can also pass away. Each was like a man to clear the grass Cut from the beginning Not dig out all the roots Its roots will have time to grow again, when the rain falls, is to see the punishment in the emotions that it is from the same as six. But when he saw the penalty, he quickly approached the peace. Without considering the emotions thoroughly In summary, it is called Like to keep only peace Do not want to consider it sooner Like a host, using holes as a protection against danger When he sees an enemy, he runs into the hole. Only escaping danger for a period of time

Those who want to dig the root of their own passions When passion comes from all six of the self-indulgence, such as the eyes seeing the shape of the ears, listening to sound, etc. Who was delighted or distressed Happy and sad, for example, and then took over as their emotions Clouded in his heart Until causing trouble and struggling Can’t eat, can’t sleep Until he killed the dead person

When you see this clearly, you should first concentrate first. Then set the mind to consider only in that mood, but only one thing, such as seeing the image of the Buddha as a pleasure Consider only the satisfaction that Is it caused by the eye or from the image? Considering the picture, he saw that It is a concrete image. Is it good or bad It does not invite us to be happy or to hear or to let us fall in love or hate. It’s just a picture. Occurred and then extinguished It goes out according to its condition.

When considered according to the eyes of those who saw the picture The sender’s eye shook to see the picture. When impacted, the reflected light came back to the optic nerve In different forms Numerous things happen The eye didn’t persuade him to be happy. Or to love to hate what The eyes have a duty to see Saw the picture and then extinguished Good thing And merit Or other ideas Consider the same thing

When we consider this, it becomes clear that All things in this world It will cause lust because these six blindfolds are the cause. If we consider and not fall for these six eyes Lust does not arise in us. On the contrary, it causes wisdom because of these six senses.

These six passions are a medium of good and evil. Will go to liberation and malnutrition because all six of the blindness

This world is wide because the mind has no concentration. Let go according to the emotions of Ayatana This world is narrow because this mind has practiced meditation. To be under one’s control Considering the emotions of all six alias, but the inside is

When the mind is meditation, for example, the eyes see the picture, headphones, sound, etc. These will not appear at all. Will only appear as abstract images An abstract sound appeared in that meditation. Especially the external eyes will not know at all

When fully meditating and considering this psychic world, it causes embarrassment, self-esteem and emotions and throughout all desires. The mind will withdraw from all things. There is only one person left to know.

The mind and the mind are characterized by different symptoms. The mind is the mind, the creator, the author, and the various emotions, as well as holding things to the mind. That seizes all lust in their minds and then withdraws from their emotions, and all lust from the mind is the mind. The mind and the heart have different symptoms like this

The heart is a neutral, indifferent, without any thoughts. Was aware that he was indifferent The heart is naturally neutral. No middle, past, future No merit or sin All that is good and not evil is called the heart. If talking about the heart Must mean the entire center Even the hearts of people who are abstract Had to point in the midst of the chest But the true heart does not know where they are We put our feelings in one part of our body. Try to feel it there. Or take that feeling outside the body, for example, to put on a post or a wall of the house There will be feelings there.

It can be concluded that the true heart is a neutral feeling. When there is a neutral feeling anywhere, the heart is there.

The villagers say that the heart is not the heart, but the heart. Pump to inject blood to nourish the body In order to stay If there is no pump to pump the blood to nourish the body, then this body cannot survive and die. The brain is the same. Thinking good or bad is because the brain is the device of the mind. The nervous system of the brain is substantial. When various factors Of the lack of concrete Concrete cannot survive, must be extinguished

But the mind, which is an abstraction in Buddhism, that you still have another name

Dharma will be extinguished only when wisdom knows the reason Knowing the effects of that abstract and extracting its root cause

All the science that exists in this world is taught endlessly. The more education, the more spacious it is taught. Only Buddhism can teach to the end. Buddhism teaches the basic knowledge of this body as being composed of various things. Therefore, it is called the body physique (ie thirty-two symptoms) and what its function is at the same time, it is taught to see that belonging to Supa is true to himself. Taught to know this world (that is, humans) that are composed of all suffering

Therefore, when we were born to have this lump To the point of being ungodly, full of supa, and full of suffering But we have come to rely on it for a while. Should do good deeds, pay the debt to the world before dying from this world

The Lord Buddha taught that people (that is, this world) fall apart naturally, but the mind is the owner of that world. When a desire exists, it must be reborn. Therefore, the Lord Buddha taught him to practice meditation. Which is a matter of the mind in particular When he had practiced meditation If there is a shyness, Phassa will only feel inside, that is, the mind alone. Those who see the listener will not be involved with the eyes and ears. (Being known to narrow this world)

All of them are the best measure of their mind. When the feeling of self-induced self-induced sensation is upon us? When very shaken Showing that he had little consciousness There is still a fair engine. When he was less shaken or not shaken at all Shows that we are very conscious There is a lot of theology. And able to heal himself

Like the Devas and Bodhisattvas Inevitably causing fate for each other Bodhisattva. If there is no Buddha, it will not create a full flair. When the prestige was full, he became enlightened as a Buddha. Before enlightenment, he fought the mighty Devil After enlightenment, three daughters of Phaya Marathirat came to test again. The people of the world complained that The Lord Buddha completely conquered all worldly desires.

When the internal eye still exists Manopassa is still in the mood. Therefore, you who know all, see the punishment of those things. Therefore withdrawing from those things There is only a neutral heart. I don’t think, I think, I don’t cook, I don’t make it. Where does this world come from? The Lord Buddha taught to the end of the world in this way.

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