Infinity Meaning Never Ends

Infinity (∞) which has two adjacent circles or Lazy 8. This is sometimes called the lemniscate as a symbol was found in mathematics and physics. Instead of infinite meaning of infinite numbers in a counting system. This can be counted indefinitely until you did not know where to ended or how far on distances.

The symbol for infinity was used in 1655 by John Wallis who a British mathematician. It is estimated that it was built according to the characteristics of the Ouroboros. Oroboros are derived from two Greek words: Oura which means tail and Boros which means to eat. When combined, therefore means Self-eater Or means death and rebirth without end There is also a significant showing of movement in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Which can be interpreted as an inverse with a balance such as men and women day Night.

Also, Infinity symbols appear in everyday such as on camera lenses. Various trademarks of Jewelry that brings concepts of “There is no end” for the design. Even in the aspect of a book that used for books printed from acid-free paper products.

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