Wisdom 100 Ch.1

Buddha’s method is a language of wisdom, flowing out of the Buddha’s great sense of wisdom; it is flowing out of the Buddha’s great compassion. The language of wisdom is cool and comfortable; the language of compassion is warm and lovely. For us to get rid of troubles from troubles, for us to point out from the confusion. Give hope when we are sad, give guidance when we are jealous, give encouragement when we are afraid, and give us a good drink when we are smug.

The wise man has heard more about the Zhiming and the wisdom of the Ming has increased; the wisdom is to solve the righteousness and to see the righteousness and justice. More smells and more stories are the meaning of Bo Wenqiang, Bo Xueqin. Among the disciples of the Buddha, the first one is the Ananda Supreme. As long as he hears it, he will remember it and be clear. The many stories mentioned here refer to the pursuit of new knowledge on the one hand, and the constant knowledge of new knowledge on the one hand, deep knowledge of the knowledge of one’s own profession, extensive knowledge requirements in various fields, and then through the Tongda, a self-contained vision. Those who can’t read books, once they read a few more books, may be caught in a paradoxical situation. Those who are truly savvy can turn the knowledge of each faction into their own knowledge. This is the wise man. So I can determine my own direction and interest, and I won’t lose myself because I read more books.

After clearing the path of one’s own thoughts, determining the goals of hard work and the principles of living, wisdom grows day by day. Wisdom can come from reading and develop from experience. If there is no experience, wisdom is not practical, but it is a cloud of people, and it is impossible to become a combination of knowledge and insight with one’s own life. With wisdom, you can spice up the flavors like the celebrity chefs. The brilliant chefs can use all kinds of materials to change the unique flavor of the dishes. If you can’t build your own style, it’s not really wise, and you can’t call it more.
The wise man understands the righteousness, and the wise person can go deep into the door, and the door can be compatible. Not only do you pass the Buddhist scriptures, but you also have a fascination for all your learning.
After understanding the true principles, it is necessary to know what to do, and to follow the law, from the An’an. Practice with the principles of his own understanding, and then experience a deeper truth from practice. His thoughts and actions can settle himself and settle down on others.

Three no-learning to stop the heart, to keep the mind is fixed, the end of the school to stop watching, no forget to be righteous. These four sentences are about the moral life, the spiritual stability, the wisdom of cultivation, that is, the three rules of refusal, fixation, and wisdom. “To quit the heart” is based on the moral program and the behavior of the body; “staying in the right direction” is to achieve peace of mind and peace of mind in the way of stopping observation; “no forgetting the righteousness” is just thinking righteousness and righteous thoughts The cultivation of the goal is to achieve the goal of developing positive wisdom. Use the three functions of this ring, set, and wisdom to deal with the greed, jealousy, and ignorance of people.
Many people will be afraid when they hear the term “quit”. They feel that they are dogmatic constraints. They are not quit. It can’t be done once they are disciplined. In fact, this is a wrong concept. The ring is not to tell us not to say anything, nor to ask us to do nothing, but to say that it does not harm the things that are harmful to others. The acts of murder, theft, sinfulness, proverbs, etc., are all caused by dissatisfaction, greed, jealousy, and resentment in the heart; if there is a ring, you can lower your heart. The so-called heart reduction is to reduce greed, lower the heart, and fall in love. After the heart is lowered, the psychological phenomenon of imbalance will become less and less and more stable.
After you have settled your heart, you must hold it, and let it be tempted by the temptation of the environment, and gradually settle. Zhengding is the opposite of evil. Positive definiteness comes from the righteous thoughts. For the lure of the material environment, when you use a less-satisfied mentality, you use the method of observing to practice. “Stop” is the end of mind, and “viewing” is the state of mind and mind that observes the mind, and constantly repeats the view and view in the same focus, so that peace of mind can be settled. In other words, mourning can not be called “stop”, and the mind is clearly called “view”. The mind is innocent, that is, righteous thoughts, and the concept of righteous thoughts will be fixed.
Zhengding can produce positive wisdom, and wisdom and evil wisdom are different. Evil wisdom is to use the mind, to go astray, to go through the door, to take advantage of the unrighteousness, to fight for the name of emptiness; Zhengzhi is the first opportunity of the candle, the cause and effect are straight, can calm the hearts of the people, is not tempted, and can be just right to face and deal with To resolve all kinds of people and my problems, their position is not selfish and self-interested.
These four sentences can be said to be the basic principles of the Dharma. “Gentle” can protect your health and well-being. “Definite” can make people calm and emotionally stable, and it is a great enjoyment of life. “Hui” enables people to maintain clear-cut observations and bright determinations, and to deal with problems with an objective attitude. Three no-learning is making people live a happier life, even those who do not believe in Buddhism can use it.

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