Wisdom 100 Ch.2

The Eye of Wisdom

There is no eye in the world, but no truth is seen; if it is rare, it is good to be good. Secular goods The world does not have the eye, not the right way, just as the blind can’t see the light. This blind man encourages us to open the eyes of wisdom by cultivating good intentions.

“The world is not eye-catching” means that the average person is in his own right, without deepsight and foresight. Those who are wise have already let go of the pursuit of self-interest, so everything can be started from a small place, and from the big point of view; from the near focus but from the distance; not from the individual’s gains and losses from the holistic theory; Starting from the standpoint of selfishness, we start with the happiness of all human beings. A wise person can not only understand the past, but also always surpass the present. Not only can he see the positive side, but he can also understand the opposite side, and can transcend the positive and negative sides and implement it in absolute objectivity. The facts, the real reasons and the real results. The average person is blinded by selfishness, can’t see the truth of the right way, and always worries and falls in the dark. A wise person, the day he sees is a good day, and everyone he meets is a good person. Fools are teased by the environment, and wise men can transform the environment. Fools see the world is the hell of the world, the wise see the world is the pure land of light.

How to cultivate wisdom? That is to say, when cultivating “goodwill”, there are two directions: one is to understand the world through the perspective of the wise, and the other is to use the method of cultivation to change one’s heart, first to balance the body and mind, and then to see the world in a normal way. The former is knowledge, conceptually diverted; the latter is practiced and practiced on methods. This two-pronged approach can cultivate intelligent eyes.

When we say that the world is bad, it means that we are looking at the world. If you cultivate goodwill, even if you can’t immediately see the pure land of Buddhism, you will be calm and not so rough.

Facing the reality, the law is born and destroyed, everything is empty; knowing the world’s success or failure, from the industry and life. The twenty- two of the tenth place is to say that by observing the destruction of all phenomena from the perspective of wisdom, you will realize the nature of all phenomena, which is inanimate and inanimate. It is empty; The reason why all the phenomena in the world have success or failure is because of the various phenomena created by all beings.

Once, a layman wanted to introduce a lady to see me. She said that she is famous, rich and has status, there are parents, parents, children, husbands and daughters, everything is there, there is no happiness, so I hope I can point her Words. I met her, I asked her, what do you want me to tell her? She said that she has a lot of things, just feels that she lacks some freedom, and she seems to live for others for the rest of her life, so she does not feel happy. I told her: “You are not without freedom, nor are you not happy, just a little less wisdom, lacking some compassion. Maybe you are too tired recently, you need to rest for a few days!”

I told her: wisdom and troubles are relative, no Happiness is because you care too much about your own existence and too much about the existence of the surrounding environment. This is very tiring. Compassion is opposite to resentment. Unhappiness is because you don’t want to pay too much. On the contrary, others still think that you pay too little. This is very annoying. If you have wisdom, you will know that all things in the world, starting and destroying, coming and going, are temporary and empty, why care about yourself and care about others. If you have compassion, you don’t account for how much you pay, you don’t care about how others react, just to protect the environment, take care of others, and do dedication. A wise person can let it go, because everything is empty, and those who have compassion can afford it.

Because there is a world, there is a profession, more good works, and more goodness, it is the heart of Bodhisattva. If you have both wisdom and compassion, you will find that you are living freely and daily, and you are willing to give it every day. Of course you will not be tired or annoyed, and you will not need to rest for a few days.

The message that tells us this time is: Because all human things and people’s ideas and thoughts are starting to be extinguished, so they are empty, and there is no need to return to the world. However, since living in this world, it must be in the reality of success or failure, whether it is suffering or happiness, success or failure, gain or loss, all because of self-restraint; whether you remember or remember, through the three causes of cause and effect Look, you have to face the reality and improve the future.

Nowadays The past is the future, the future is the past, and now it is coming, the Buddha knows the knowledge. ─ ─ sixty Huayan warp three three. This is to say that with the wisdom of Bodhisattva, the past, present and future of time are intertwined and inseparable, so the past is the future, the future is the past, and now is the past and the future. This is incomprehensible to the perception of the common sense world of the average person.

It’s definitely not a word game, it’s a top-down. In fact, it has both profound and shallow truths.

In the real world, among all animals, human beings are at the highest level, because of the memory, the ability to speculate, and the accumulation of experience, forming a culture. This is the result of a sense of time, the result. Memorizing the past experience, becoming the knowledge and skills of living in the present, using the memories of the past and the facts of the present, can show the future landscape.

It is precisely because human beings have the conditions in time that they are heading towards the positive development. They are constantly correcting the past and renewing the future. Towards negative extensions is the attachment and remorse to the past, the dreams and worries about the future, and the dissatisfaction and anxiety of the present. . This creates mental stress and distress in life for human beings.

Therefore, Bodhisattva compassion tells us that although time is there and it is also needed by human beings, don’t be fooled by time. Don’t think that the past has passed, the future will come, and the present will never change. Standing on your current foothold, you are carrying the past, going to the present, and you immediately take your past and present and walk out of the future. So no matter what your memory is, no matter what your imagination, now you are not equal to the past, not the future, but it is really connected with your past and future.

Once there was a Zen master who had been away from home for decades. When he returned to his hometown, his relatives could not recognize him. After his introduction, his relatives were surprised to ask: “It is so old, you really Is that the person in my family?” The Zen master replied: “The man is indeed me. I am not a man.” The dialogue between the two men, before and after the time, is inseparable, but it is also vivid. Don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about the future, be practical now, and be with the past and the future.

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