Day: September 4, 2019

Amesbury Town in England

Amesbury Town located in Wiltshire. Salisbury Plains Southern England It is about 10 miles from London. A small town Quiet rural English style. Surrounded by the Avon River, it flows through the […]

Wisdom 100 Ch.5

If the law is practiced, it should be practiced, and it should be illegal. In this and future generations, the practitioners are stable. ─ ─ great wisdom on the volume one six. […]

Wisdom 100 Ch.4

Use the wisdom of the Buddha. If you come to the wisdom, all the people will know it; if you want to overturn it, you will not see it. Baowang’s original product […]

Rolex for success

If mentioning world-renowned watch brands then the first answer for many people is probably the name of a luxury watch brand name like “Rolex”, because the value of this watch is more […]

Wisdom 100 Ch.3

There are two ways to learn from the school. I often hear more about it, and I am relieved of my righteousness. Teaching Materials There are two key points to study: the […]