Wisdom 100 Ch.3

There are two ways to learn from the school. I often hear more about it, and I am relieved of my righteousness. Teaching Materials There are two key points to study: the first is to be close to good friends, and the second is to obey the truth. “Learning” refers to the study of sages, the study of liberation, that is, the study of troubles and the study of peace of mind.
“Multi-small” is a concept and method of learning how to treat people, to live with others, to resolve troubles, and to grow wisdom. In short, the multi-speaker is a knowledgeable and knowledgeable person; in the Buddhist world, it is called “good knowledge”, which refers to a good teacher and a friend, who can pass on experience, solve difficulties and give them a correct and practical method.
“Solution” refers to the understanding of theory and insight into learning. “Multi-sound” is to listen more, learn more, and read more. “Knowledge” means that you can understand the content of any knowledge you hear or read. This can be divided into two levels: The first is to understand from the surface of the language, and it is not necessarily true. The second is to understand the meaning of the text through the experience of life and the practice of the Dharma. According to the actual experience, there are different perceptions according to the level of enlightenment.
After knowing these two nouns, you know that you should always be close to you, ask for advice, ask for people who know how to remember, or who are knowledgeable, so that you can get the inspiration of wisdom and the development of the field of knowledge. Then you can live in the right, right, and true truth. If this is the case, even if you encounter any difficulties in your mind, life, mind and body, or the environment, you will be able to solve them without being tempted by wrong ideas or bad environments, and like some people in normal times. The benevolence and righteous morality can be understood and exported. Once it is at a critical juncture, it can sell conscience and pursue illegitimate interests.

It is better to be ignorant. There is no self-sufficiency in all kinds of laws. Everything is incomprehensible. If it can be solved, it is unsolvable. Night Ferris Bodhisattva says that all phenomena are not fixed and eternal, and there is no certain eternal truth that makes us aware. If anyone can understand such a fact, there is no reason to be understood.
The so-called “laws without self-sufficiency” means that there is no constant nature of any phenomenon. Any phenomenon will change due to changes in time and space. Any material phenomenon and spiritual phenomenon are the same, so there is no eternal life in the world. Truth and unchanging things.
However, even if the average person has this identity, it is actually difficult to understand; in the case of confusing and unclear, there is a positive and negative reaction to all phenomena. The positive reaction is to be obsessed with it, to pursue it, to possess it, to form an insatiable and unsatisfied distress; the negative reaction is that the desired pursuit cannot be achieved, it cannot be possessed; if it is already, fear of loss, it is really lost, then There is a distress that never has a sense of security. This is very hard, busy every day, actually just to worry about self-seeking. Some people say that they are for life, for career, for a sense of accomplishment. In fact, it is only for the sake of an inexplicable idea or something that seems to be nothing.
The average person is hardened by the desire of the material. The thinkers of intellectuals have worked hard for a certain idea or the so-called ideology. Some people think that their ideas, ideas and judgments are absolutely correct. In fact, nothing in the world, including ideas, can be changed without being affected by time and environment. The reality often changes, and ideas cannot be changed. Therefore, your own opinions and judgments can only represent your own present, and maybe you will correct your own opinions until tomorrow. But often some people go out for the sake of their opinions, and they are blushing with thick neck and water. People can’t live without their own positions, but they should also respect the position of others. Otherwise, they will not only bother themselves but also others.
Just because everything changes, so seeking knowledge is only a comparative act, not a means of causing arbitrary behavior. Seeking knowledge is for the convenience of life, not for grasping the same thing, or knowledge becomes a burden of life, then why bother to come. Modern people have developed information and rich sources of information. On the one hand, everyone wants to know more, and on the other hand, they are dizzy by what they want to know and forget who they are.

Conquering yourself – Thousands of enemies, one victory, not self- defeating , for the middle of the battle.
Describe the thousand goods This scorpion is to say that if one person’s strength is to defeat thousands of enemies, of course, it is a brave war, but it is better to win than to overcome your own troubles. These four sentences mean that “the biggest enemy is yourself.”
People’s life is always adapting and overcoming the natural environment, social environment and family environment. Therefore, some people describe life as a battlefield, the brave wins and the loser; from the life to the death of life, many people, things, things encountered are the object of battle. In fact, my own mind is often not subject to his own command, that is the most tenacious enemy.
The average person thinks that if there is no sense of crisis, competitiveness or enterprising, it may lose the space for survival, so many people will carefully and arrogantly arrange their own future for their children as a battlefield for development.
On the battlefield of life, thousands of troops, murderous. When he was in combat, he was able to win the enemy, and he won the battle and won the battle. The merits and demerits made the enemy look like dust, but whether he is safe, comfortable, and happy inside is very problematic. For example, Napoleon almost ruled half of the earth during his heyday. After being defeated, he was imprisoned on a small island. He was very annoyed and painful and difficult to dismiss. He said, “I can defeat countless enemies, but I cannot overcome my own heart.” The heart is the best warfare that knows the war best.
It is not easy to overcome yourself. The average person is smug and forgets himself. When he is frustrated, he feels that he is very successful. When he is lonely, he feels that no one is more upset than him. Only by being affected by the tangible and intangible circumstances such as success or failure, and being incapable of being alive or dead, even if you are uncomfortable, you can feel at ease and be self-satisfied.
It is very difficult for ordinary people to be free from environmental influences. Conflicts, conflicts, and struggles often occur. It is very important to adjust troubles. Things that happen outside of the heart are better to deal with, and things that happen in the heart are more difficult to deal with. This requires self-dissolution and self-balancing, and efforts must be made in concepts and methods. In concept, we must think that this is the result of all kinds of karma cooperation. It is only one of the factors, not the only factor, so it can’t be controlled, and the emotion will naturally settle. In terms of methods, you need to do some self-discipline and peace of mind. If you can feel at ease anytime and anywhere, you will truly overcome yourself.