Wisdom 100 Ch.4

Use the wisdom of the Buddha. If you come to the wisdom, all the people will know it; if you want to overturn it, you will not see it. Baowang’s original product is the thirty- twoth. This is to say that everyone has the same wisdom as the Buddha. Unfortunately, the mind of the average person is blinded by the obsessive reversal of delusion, so I don’t know that there is such a power.
Many people think that they are very good, quick-minded, knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and diligent. Many people think that they are very stupid, blunt, slow-moving, low-understanding, and weak in memory. In fact, if you judge based on this, these two people still do not know what the wisdom of the Buddha is?
Three years ago, a couple encountered a marriage crisis and came to me for instructions. Both of them were born in the countryside. They have been married for more than 20 years. At that time, they were only in their twenties. The male graduated from junior high school, the female’s primary school level, and later the male student went abroad to study abroad. After returning home, he was promoted to a small and medium-sized enterprise. General manager. The wife always suspected that her husband had a wife outside, and the man came to tell me that he did not expect to marry his wife. Anyway, his wife was jealous of him every day, and he really made a girlfriend. After the wife knew the truth, she also told me that since her husband was ruthless, she had to go to find another boyfriend. Anyway, her husband suspected that she was stupid, and sooner or later she would not be divorced.
The couple have a gap in education and a different level of knowledge. But one thing is the same, that is, neither of them has the wisdom to say. It is wrong for the wife to marry her husband. Is it wrong for her husband to make a mistake? It is wrong for her husband to have an affair. Can his wife go to find an affair? Both are in their forties, and they still don’t cherish the troubled couples. They have come to fight each other and use the creation of a happy marriage as a game for children. How foolish it is! Fortunately, both of them came to see me, and I was beaten by each other to avoid the broken family.
This example just shows that the so-called “reversed ambiguity” has covered the heart, and has disappeared from wisdom, letting go of emotions, causing troubles and pains.
Please don’t mistake the wisdom of the Buddha until you become a Buddha. It is a high opinion of some scholars. In fact, the Buddha is in the human world, it is to help the ordinary ordinary people, telling you that there is Buddha’s wisdom, not necessarily to become a Buddha, as long as you can live in life, less troubleless and unreasonable emotions, less for yourself Worry, often with a calm attitude, understanding, inclusive, helping people, you are a person who can live in the wisdom of the past.
Don’t expect, when you become a Buddha, you will have the wisdom of the Buddha. You should start using the wisdom of the Buddha immediately. Otherwise, you will never have the opportunity to experience wisdom, and you will never become a Buddha.

Lifting down the peacock – Although the color is strict, it is better to fly away than the geese; although the white clothes have rich power, it is better to win the merits. Great wisdom theory volume III. The four faces of the first article are the surface of the pipa. It is said that although the peacock has a gorgeous appearance, it is not as good as the geese can fly far away; although the family is rich and powerful, it is not as good as the merits of the monks. It seems that it is said that from the outside, the family is more noble than the family, but in fact it is the opposite.
This is a comparison between the two lifestyles of monk and home. Many of the fame and fortune positions pursued in the family’s life, even if they are not necessarily respected, but they must be noticed and successful. However, few people are not involved after the success, until the old age, still rolling in the Vanity Fair and can not get out. This is like a peacock with gorgeous feathers. It is the focus of public attention and is appreciated and appreciated. But the peacock’s tail is too long, the body is too heavy, and the flight is not too high. Hongyan is a migratory bird that doesn’t look beautiful. But when it comes to the summer, it goes to the north to escape the heat. In the winter, it goes to the south to avoid the cold, soaring in the hustle and bustle. It is thousands of miles away. It is not a peacock. Can be compared.
This is not to say that if family members have wealth and wealth, they cannot go far, but because there are families, children and grandchildren, and real estate, it is not easy to go. Even when old ages retire and even at the end of life, they are still worried about the industry. Because of uncomfortable, I suffer from loss. Rich people are more prosperous, and those who have the right want to add one level, and those who are strong seek to consolidate and expand. Since ancient times, many noble powers have often refused to give up their powers, and they have to wait until their children are forced to step down. It is very painful to be able to stand up.
The merits of a monk’s family lies in the need to be safe and to offer. There is no need to do things, there is no place to go, there is no need to make a name for the world or to complete a big cause. If the facts are needed, there are no people who do not want to see and what they do not want to do. There is a scholar who came back from overseas to see us. The plan of Fa Gushan is not small. The prospect is huge. I said to you, “Mr. Sheng Yan, your ambition is not small.” I said, “Amitabha, I dare to have ambitions? Just follow!” If the karma permits me to do it, and I will not evade it, I will not be forced to do it. If the karma does not permit, I will not force it. The ambition is to pursue, to conquer, and to achieve something; I have no ambition, Dharma wants me to do The people who want me to do it, without violating the principles of wisdom and compassion, as long as I can do it, I will do my best.” The family has no private business and property, a thousand meals, a lonely trip, anywhere. When I settled down and even one night, I took that place as my own home. I met anyone and even one side, and treated him as my family. Feelings of deep love and not possessing the heart, so you can get along with you and be able to let go at any time.
Although this is a comparison between the two at home and the monk, in fact, people with great wisdom, whether they are at home, can afford to let go, the so-called name and power are outdated, and even life and death outer. If they are very stupid people, whether they are at home, their hearts are also filled with fame and fortune. However, if the lifestyle of a monk is already a monk who already has monasteries and apprentices, it is quite difficult to take possession of fame and fortune. Therefore, if the unethical cultivation has been quite hot, the abbot who serves as the jungle dojo must pay special attention. A good family member, trying to build a temple everywhere, can leave at any time.

Knowledge and wisdom – There is no such thing as wisdom , but it is ignorant of reality; I don’t know how to be wise, and I don’t know the truth. For example, in the Ming Dynasty, there are lights and no eyes. Great wisdom theory volume five. Interpretation of the first product in the Capricorn wisdom is heartless, more than the news is Bo Wenqiang. If you have a bright heart and do not have enough knowledge to learn, you cannot use appropriate language tools to express your inner experience to others. If you have only profound knowledge and no clear wisdom, you will be blind to your eyes. As you can see, it is like a blind person.

The wisdom that most people think is probably smart or erudite. Such people are knowledgeable, responsive, analytical and observing and unique. In fact, from the perspective of Dharma, a wise man is not equal to wisdom, and a scholar is not equal to a wise man. It is the wise person who has left the self-centered distinction and persistence, and is the wise person who is free from troubles. It is the real appearance of the true self and no self, no reality.
In this scorpion, the meaning of many smells is that you know a lot of Dharma, you don’t have to hear it with your ears, you can use your eyes to read, and analyze your classics with your heart. Among the disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Ananda Sayādaw is the first to hear more. He remembers the Buddha’s Dharma that he said at various times, and he is described as “a bottle of water,” from the mouth of the Buddha, into the Anthony. In the middle, there is a lot of words, and all of them are accepted. But he did not become wise and did not become an Arahant until Shakyamuni Buddha Nirvana.

It can be seen that there is no absolute relationship between wisdom and wisdom. There is only a lot of smell and no wisdom. Although it is in the light, it is like no eyes, no light, no way to know what light is? On the other hand, wisdom, no knowledge, and learning can only say that you have no troubles, but you cannot use wisdom to help all beings. It is like being in the dark, having eyes but not seeing things. Do you know what Dharma is saying? How can it be said that the realm of enlightenment happened? Therefore, in the Buddha era, some disciples who had proved Arahantuo and did not have the ability to learn to argue were invited to show their opinions. They had to show a few magical powers to influence people. It can be seen that there is wisdom and no smell, and it is not good enough to hear more and not have wisdom.