Wisdom 100 Ch.5

If the law is practiced, it should be practiced, and it should be illegal. In this and future generations, the practitioners are stable. ─ ─ great wisdom on the volume one six. Pear, Yapollo, and the righteousness of the twenty-seventh, it is said that if the truth of the Fa-rectification is to be done, it should be done according to the concept of Fa-rectification, and it should not be accepted; whether this life or the next life, such as the practice of the Fa People will get a stable state of mind. Among the four sentences, there are four nouns that focus on: law, illegality, law, and stability.
The average person is saying that “the law is made in accordance with the law” is to cure the medicine according to the correct method. This is to say that according to the truth and method of the Buddha, it is “as the law.” “Fa” refers to the principle of Sakyamuni Buddha’s dispelling of suffering. It is said from the facts of cause and effect, and from the phenomenon of karma. Every scripture that the Buddha said is convenient to adapt to the situation of different time and audience; to talk about the same problem from different angles, or to play the same problem from different angles. Therefore, there is only one principle, and there is no limit to the practice method. The principle that conforms to this principle, regardless of who said it, is like the law; if it is not the principle, even if everyone says it is Dharma, it must be considered illegal.
The principle of Dharma is the causal method and the karma method. The practice of Dharma is based on the three studies of martial arts. “Guan” is something that should be done. It should not be done. It should be done from the case of self-interest, and it should not be done to cause trouble and let others be hurt. “Definite” is the heart that is not shaken by the temptation of the environment, and is not affected by the internal and external troubles. It can be used everywhere, so that your heart can be in a state of peace, comfort, and stability, not only self-reliance, but also peace of mind. People who live in the same environment can get the same stability. “Hui” can be both affordable and able to be put down, to provide responsibility, to release rights, to help others, and to let them down. After I put it down, my heart is clear and clear, and when I mention it, my heart is not dragged. This is called the law.
“Illegal” is the three behaviors of the body and mind, the disagreement and the cause of karma, and the basis of the violation of the ethics.
If we work hard to practice according to the principle of taking care of the wisdom, we can avoid and prevent illegal behavior, so we will get benefits in this life. Those who are living in the same way as the law, will be physically and mentally safe, even if the environment is not satisfactory, there are all kinds of blows and obstacles, but the heart will not be affected and there will be grievances. Moreover, those who have good intentions, good words, and good deeds will be welcomed, loved and trusted by most people. It is no problem to have a return to the external environment, and there is an infinite future and an infinite future.
“Safety” is a stable, undisturbed, unscrupulous, and free from the liberation of good or evil.  

Swords and Responsibilities when you hear the truth of the Tao, you can’t benefit yourself; if you are at fault, you will be slack. great wisdom theory volume one five. In the first half of the book, Pear Yellow is the twenty-sixth. This is to say that if you listen to a lot of subtle truths, but you don’t have much help with your body and mind, the problem is that you don’t work hard to work hard.
Many intellectuals in the world have read a large number of books and wrote many articles. They only sell knowledge, live their lives, and when they sit, they can’t do it. They may be useful to people. Some people who study Buddhism have read many quotations about the ancestors, but they cannot enlighten them and cannot reduce their troubles. It is the key to slacking and not being able to improve.
The so-called “Miao Dao Law” here is the Mahayana Buddhism Law that the Buddha said to be a method of separation from suffering, liberation, and Buddhism. After listening to the Dharma, if someone is hungry for food, if they are thirsty, they will not be able to take care of themselves, and they will be fully engaged, and they are afraid that the timing will be difficult. Confucius said: “When you hear the news, you can die in the evening!” This is not easy! I heard the truth of the life of the universe, my mind was immediately open-minded, and I felt dead without regret. However, for Buddhism, it is better to know the truth and to learn. Although it can be dead without regrets, it would be better if you could share the experience with other people who have not yet heard the Tao. As a bodhisattva, after listening to the Dharma, if you have not yet enlightened, of course you have to practice your own use and introduce it to others. This is “the first person who has not taken the lead, and is the first heart for the Bodhisattva.”
“When you hear the truth, you can’t benefit yourself.” It means that you can’t take advantage of yourself when you hear the Dharma, that is, like the Zen quotations. When you walk in the river, you will die of thirst, and when you sit in the rice pot, you will starve to death. It is a lax heart. Even the effort is not willing, no wonder the thirst is starving to death. The Dharma called these people blind scorpions, eared scorpions, and dumb sluts. The Dharma was not smothered by their water, but they heard it, but they did not correspond to their lives.
Everything has been followed, and it has been passed. Although the key to the invaluable treasure house is in the hand, it is too lazy to open the door of the treasure, too lazy to use the treasures of the treasury, which is tantamount to the lack of wealth. Knowledge, if you use it in your studies, you don’t need to use it, it’s useless. Everything in the sword and in the work, hard work, will be able to benefit people, but also self-interest.

The power of Zen is a vajra, can cover troubles and arrows; although not much, Nirvana points have been obtained. ─ ─ Great wisdom on the volume of seven. The introduction of the first product in the Zen Polo honey
This is to say that meditation is the strongest armor, can withstand the troubles of the arrow, even if it has not reached the end of Nirvana, but is on the way to Nirvana.
Zen has two meanings: the first is the four Zens and the eight meditations; the second is the meditation and wisdom, that is, the “Six ancestors of the ancestor”, “When the time is fixed, the wisdom is fixed, that is, the time of Hui is determined by Hui. It is the Zen of Chinese Zen Buddhism. There are two levels of Zen in India: one is the level that communicates with the outside world, that is, the yoga school, the four meditations are fixed, the shallow heart is at the end of the silence, the heart has no distracting thoughts; the deep timing, the self exists in the infinite time and space, this It is the Zen of the world, because the value of the self is still attached. The other level is the Zen of Sakyamuni Buddha. On the four Zens and eight meditations, plus the ninth set, the name is to be determined, it is the attachment beyond time and space, called liberation, also called Luo Handing, which has It is the Zen of Ding Fahui. If there is no wisdom, then it will not be relieved. There will be no troubles in the setting. After the ninth, after a hundred, troubles, life and death, although in the world, has surpassed the bondage of the world.
The meditation of this meditation is the Zen of Mahayana, which is the meditation of the meditation. This meditation can be used to sneak into the setting, but after working, it is not necessarily wise to meditate. After the decision is made, as long as the heart is free from external interference and temptation, it is also in the middle. Therefore, Zen said that sitting and meditation are also Zen, eating and drinking are Zen, and everyday life is Zen.
“铠” is the robes used by the ancient warriors to protect the royal arrows during the two battles in the battlefield. Here, the power of Zen is compared with the “King Kong 铠”, just like the armor made by King Kong, which can protect the purity and stability of the heart. It will be hurt by the troubled arrows that come from inside and outside. Some trouble arrows seem to come to themselves, in fact, the arrows and chords are out of the heart. If you are determined to be like King Kong, there are arrows of troubles outside the body, but you can’t help you. If the heart has the power of Zen, although there is still no more nirvana, there are still some minor troubles, but it has no effect; although it has not yet been liberated, it has obtained a number of parts of Nirvana merits, and tasted some troubles.
Ordinary people or those who have just learned Buddha are not easy to reach this level, but keep a quiet heart in life, and keep a heart that looks inward, and there will be less possibility of being troubled by the outside world. I often tell people that if you are worried about the current situation and adversity, you should look at your own thoughts and not look at the other person’s situation; or pay attention to the feeling of breathing in and out, don’t pay attention to the phenomenon that makes you worry, otherwise the troubles are not easy to be flat. This is actually the power of Zen, and it is also a fixed method that can alleviate troubles.

Zen can’t be bored, how can it be eliminated? If you don’t have a clean view, this heart is naturally absent. Great wisdom on the volume of seven. The introduction of the first product in the Zen Polo honey
This is to say that the lust of lust often makes people addicted, unable to extricate themselves. If you can use the method of not clearing the way to practice, greedy for the heart of lasciviousness, naturally will be like a bottom-up, unpaid fire. Among the five desires, men and women have the strongest sexual desire. The sexual pleasures of men and women are very fascinating, as long as they are normal men or women, they will be interested. Even if you are a monk, you have more or less this tendency before you leave your desire. Because you have discipline protection, you will not do it.
The Buddhist scriptures say that the five desires of the world are the most lustful of lust, and still not as good as the desire of heaven. Because there is no physical burden, there is no feeling of exhaustion and disgust. Compared with the music of the meditation and the meditation, the meditation is far better than the five desires. Meditation is to relax and liberate from the body and mind, to be light and to be safe; to be happy is only a time of stimulation, intoxication, rather than relaxation of nerves and muscles, without the joy of peace, the difference between the two is one hundred thousand miles. Therefore, people with meditation experience will not be so obsessed with sexual desire. In the method of repairing meditation, the nonconformity is specific to the treatment of lust. Sexual desire is strong. On the one hand, it means good health. On the other hand, it shows temperament and turbidity. On the other hand, due to weak constitution, rising anger and strong sexual desire, this is a fatal phenomenon. People are not animals, don’t let sexual desire run out, causing serious consequences.

The unclean view is to observe the uncleanness of the self and the uncleanness of the other.
When the sexual impulse or reaction is very strong, observe the body, and every pore is continuously secreted. If it is not cleaned for a while, it is unspeakable. From this point of view, it is not clean, and the desire will fall; then, if he is not clean, his desire will be calmed down. When someone sees a man or woman with a specific image, they will be particularly interested. At this time, they should imagine: opening the person’s hair is the scalp, under the scalp is flesh and blood. If you like his eyes, the inside of the eyes is nerves, fat, and nothing cute. Think again: What happens when you are sick? I have seen a woman who is very enchanting and glamorous. When she is sick, she is very embarrassed. She has stomach odor and body odor. It is not beautiful at all.

Think again, what happens when a beautiful woman dies? How will it be a few days after death? How about a few months after death? There was only a pile of bones left, and finally the bones were gone. When the degree of repair is not clear, there will be no more desires; in the end, if the mind and body are gone, and the state of mind is gone, then it will enter the meditation, and its highest realm is the desire to leave. Mangoes.
However, it is not easy to learn without a net view and must be taught by an experienced teacher. If there is no such teacher, when you want to produce it, you may wish to see yourself and others as unclean, useful, at least not inseparable, inseparable, and constantly seeking.