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As we get older Signs of various bones and joints will begin to ask. Start walking, have knees, sore knees, waist pain or back pain, all of which are signs that should be taken care of early and most Thais still understand only Bone and joint care, calcium supplementation is sufficient, but actually, collagen supplementation is also an important part.

In the age of 25-30 years is the period in which the bones are most dense due to the accumulation since childhood. But after we start 30 years old, our bone mass will start to decrease gradually, but the solution is We can reduce the rate of bone loss by taking supplementary collagen along with calcium intake. Because collagen acts like a pole to allow calcium to strengthen the bones. And increase flexibility for various organs within the body Especially in the bones, joints, cartilage, blood vessels, including skin

For this reason, collagen has been used for people with osteoarthritis or in people with thin or brittle bones, especially ” collagen dipeptide ” because of the latest research. We have found that collagen dipeptide can help with bones and joints as follows:

  • Helps prevent cartilage degeneration and inhibits cartilage thinning
  • Helps prevent the deterioration of condo cells. (Chondrocytes), which are cells responsible for cartilage.
  • Stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycan (Glycosaminoglycan) which has water absorption properties Therefore allowing the joint tissue to withstand pressure
  • Helps increase water in joints Makes the joints move better and does not cause conflicts
  • Helps to reduce abnormal bone cell changes in rats with osteoarthritis (Osteoarthritis) therefore helps to reduce degenerative conditions of the joints.
  • Can help reduce inflammation and pain from movement in the cartilage cells (According to a study from the University of Tübingen, Germany) Conducted in a population of 2,000 people with osteoarthritis who received 5 grams of collagen that has been digested under the process for 3 consecutive months)
  • Helps increase bone density Make the bones strong
  • Helps control the function of the cells that damage the bones (Osteoblast) and the cells that make bones. (Osteoclasts) to work balanced because the bone formation process will break down and create substitution all the time

What is collagen peptide?

The collagen peptides ( Collagen, the peptide ) is an innovative extraction of collagen. (In collagen supplements) that have been developed to be in the form of ” peptide “, a collagen containing amino acids that are the main structure of collagen. Only 2, which makes the molecules are very small, an average of only 200 Dalton, so there is no need to be digested in the stomach. But will be transported and absorbed in the small intestine into the bloodstream and directly into the target cells such as skin cells, bone cells and cartilage cells.

In this way, many readers may be confused about the origin, or may not know that collagen supplements are on sale. There are many different grades. If it is easy to understand, it must be explained that Normally, in general, collagen protein fibers in food such as animal skins may have molecules larger than 300,000 Dalton. When processed through a reduced size process, it becomes a ” long chain collagen peptide ” and if Smaller by using some enzymes to cut the extracted collagen lines into short strands, resulting in a ” short chain collagen peptide ” containing 2,000 dal molecules Cholesterol ready for absorption (Slow absorption) and when digested to be smaller until the remaining 3 amino acids are arranged together.

It will be “collagen tri-peptide.”That has an average molecule of 500-1000 Daltons (which will be absorbed moderately), but with the invention and development of collagen forms to be most effective, it has been digested and reduced to a smaller size, leaving only acid The two sequences of amino will form a ” collagen dipeptide ” with an average of only 200 Dalton molecules. Which can be absorbed quicker and many times more than tri-peptide collagen (Although the molecular size is not much different).

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