Listening Snow Tower

Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼)
Other names: 听雪楼, Tingxuelou
Author:  Cang Yue
Genre: Novel, Wuxia Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Listening to Xuejianghu, the lonely life in the evening shadow of Xuewei. During the period from the age of seventeen to twenty-four, I was so squandering the little bit of heat, pain and unwillingness in my heart. Do not hesitate to use a double-edged sword, and then go to post for seven points after self-inflicted three points. Dreams, teenage years. Redemption and protection, love, and forgiveness… A beautiful and stubborn woman like a wild rose, a mysterious young overlord, a pair of dragons and phoenixes deduces a stunningly scarred love.

Chapter Lists:

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